Linen Blends

DidySling Linen Blends

The combination of linen and cotton in Didymos wraps & slings creates a perfect balance of softness, “cush”, moldability, support and strength. This combination tends to feel very solid when wrapped. It doesn’t stretch or sag and is ideal for newborns right up to preschool age.

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DIDYMOS Baby Woven Wrap Crepelino Harvest (Pure Linen) DIDYMOS Baby Woven Wrap Crepelino Harvest (Pure Linen) 2
Pure Linen

DidySling Ring Sling Crepelino Harvest (Pure Linen)

Crepelino Harvest is made from 100% linen in natural and yellow. With its perfect diagonal stretch, it is mouldable and allows for the precise and comfortable tying of front, hip and back carries. Also available as a...♥ Woven Wrap
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