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Tussah-silk, also known as "wild silk", is made from the cocoon of the Oak Silk Moth. The wild silk worms live naturally and their silk is gathered after the moth emerges. This silk is somewhat irregular which gives it a special charm. 

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DIDYMOS Prima Coccola, Wool/Silk/Possum Blend DIDYMOS Prima Coccola, Wool/Silk/Possum Blend 2
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Beautiful Jacquards

DIDYMOS Prima Coccola, Wool/Silk/Possum Blend

❣ NEW Didymos Metro Quad Blend ❣ All natural and incredibly soft, Prima Coccola will keep your baby and you toasty warm even through long winter walks. Softly shimmering in white and natural colours, this Metro Elements is woven from a unique blend of pure cotton and an extraordinary weft yarn spun from wool, silk and Possum
DIDYMOS Love Blue (Silk Blend) DIDYMOS Love Blue (Silk Blend) 2
Beautiful Jacquards

DIDYMOS Love Blue (Silk Blend)

A message of love in 45 languages, woven into a baby wrap, a message that cannot be said often enough to express your love for your children.   
DIDYMOS Vitalis Anthracite (Tussah Silk) DIDYMOS Vitalis Anthracite (Tussah Silk) 2
Tussah Silk Blends

DIDYMOS Vitalis Anthracite (Tussah Silk)

NEW DIDYMOS Vitalis Anthracite. Woven in a soft blend of organic cotton and tussah silk. Silk has an unparalleled lustre and shimmer.  The fibre woven into a fabric is soft right from the start with absolutely no breaking in required.  It has a lovely flow and drape and is quite easy to wrap with.  
DIDYMOS Double Face... DIDYMOS Double Face... 2
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DIDYMOS Double Face Turquoise-Tussah

A new addition to the DIDYMOS Double Face line made from a gorgeous blend of turquoise cotton and natural Tussah silk. The Double Face wraps are a two-sided weave.
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