All About Didymos Woven Wraps

All About Didymos Woven Wraps

DIDYMOS Woven Wraps are…

  • purposefully woven on special jacquard looms for the sole purpose of babywearing.
  • are made from organic cotton (and other plant materials such as linen and hemp) and/or ethically sourced animal fibres.
  • woven with a diagonal stretch that creates an elasticity in the fabric allowing for the fabric to easily mold to the wearer and baby providing optimal comfort and support.
  • thought to be the most versatile babywearing option in terms of baby carriers since one size will fit all stages of baby development, and many tying variations are available.

DIDYMOS woven wraps offer a custom fit for every person regardless of their shape and size. They can be used right from the newborn baby stage all the way up to preschool age. In fact, they are tested to 310 Kg so your baby cannot outgrow your wrap!

There are a vast number of carries one can tie with a woven wrap, including front carries, hip carries AND back carries, with one-shoulder and two-shoulder options – something for everyone!  Most two-shoulder carries allow the weight of the child to be distributed evenly from shoulders to hips and one is able to wear even heavy children for long periods of time comfortably!

Benefits of using a DIDYMOS Woven Wrap:

  • No weight or age restriction
  • Most versatile carrier as there are unlimited carries that can be used!
  • Wear on the front, hip and back using one shoulder, two shoulders or torso and back only!
  • Facilitates skin to skin newborn wearing, also known as kangaroo care.
  • Custom fit to every person regardless of shape or size.
  • Fully adjustable and therefore a great option for sharing the carrier with others
  • Ergonomic and facilitates the anatomically correct spread-squat-positon (fetal tuck for newborns)
  • Great for people with back and shoulder problems since they distribute weight over both shoulders
  • Great for both casual and extended daily wearing
  • Beautiful Designs, Colours & Organic Fibres

So, how do I babywear using a wrap?

Whether your baby is a newborn, older baby or a big kid, we recommend that you begin your wrapping journey with the Front Wrap Cross Carry.  Why do we recommend this?  The FWCC is a popular choice for learning how to wrap as it has one of the easiest learning curves and teaches all the essential skills you will need to carry your baby or older child.  This carry is executed in your standard long woven wrap size which is also known as your “base” size.  If you do not know what your standard long wrap size is?  Check out our article here that will explain all about sizing!  Always keep in mind safety guidelines when trying the FWCC and other carries.  If you are not familiar with the safety guidelines, read more here!

Every DIDYMOS carrier comes with a detailed step-by-step instruction booklet but sometimes, it is nice to see it in action!  Check out the videos in this LINK for more instructions on how to use your DIDYMOS Long Woven Wrap in FRONT, HIP and BACK carries.

Before getting started in babywearing, it is always important to familiarise oneself with Babywearing Safety and Proper Baby Positioning.

Front Wrap Cross Carry with a Didymos Woven Wrap (FWCC)

Would you like to learn more about the Front Wrap Cross Carry? 
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The Front Wrap Cross Carry
Simple as 1-2-3!

Woven wraps come in an assortment of lengths to facilitate many different carrying options and needs.

DIDYMOS wraps include illustrated, detailed step-by-step instructions for various ways of tying and carrying.

If you are starting out your wrapping journey with the Front Wrap Cross Carry or another front wearing long wrap carry, the size of wrap that you should have is called your BASE SIZE, otherwise known as your standard long wrap size. It is the size that you can comfortably and safely execute a FWCC tied off in the back with a double knot, without any hindrance of excess or shortage of fabric.  Sizes 4-8 are the most common sizes for a long wrap with size 5-7 being the most popular. We recommend using SHIRT SIZE as the best gauge for determining the correct size. Please refer to the sizing table below for more guidance. For more detailed information on sizing, check out our blog article on this LINK.

Also note that your Standard Long Wrap Size can be affected by your baby’s size, your postpartum body changing, bust size, the thickness of the wrap, the grippiness of the wrap and thus the ease of adjusting and tightening, the stretch and elasticity of the wrap and your preference for tail length.

Are you ready to get started with a woven wrap?

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