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DidySling All-Organic Ring Sling by DIDYMOS

Didymos ring slings are made from organic cotton, promising a chemical-free enbrace for your little one. All DidySlings are perfectly woven to comfortably hold baby, from newborn and beyond. The fabric has an inherent diagonal stretch which allows the fabric to conform perfectly to your baby's and wearer's shape. It's hard to choose a favourite but one will do the trick! 

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  • DIDYMOS Colours: Mullti-Colour Vibrancy
Didymos Zephyr Woven Wrap (100% Organic Cotton) Didymos Zephyr Woven Wrap (100% Organic Cotton) 2
Beautiful Jacquards

DidySling Zephyr Ring Sling (100% Organic Cotton)

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As the days are getting longer, it is the perfect timing for the release of the new Didymos herald of spring, 'Zephyr', named after the Greek god of the mild west winds.  Zephyr is woven with 100% organic cotton and has a surface weight of around 260 g/m². 
DidySling Mosaic (Organic Cotton) DidySling Mosaic (Organic Cotton) 2
Beautiful Jacquards

DidySling Ring Sling Mosaic by DIDYMOS

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The Mosaic pattern by DIDYMOS is a weaving masterpiece that showcases the amazing possibilities on the loom. This woven wrap is beautiful, easy to tie, and will perfectly support your baby!  MOSAIC is also available as...♥ Didymos Baby Woven Wrap♥ Didy Mei Tai/Meh Dai (DidyTai) 
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