The Didymos Meh-Dai (also known as the DidyTai) was re-sized several years ago to accommodate larger babies. Previously, it fit the "average" baby from birth until approximately 12 months of age.  The newer version has the same features but with a taller panel which cinches at the seat to fit a newborn babies and adjusts accordingly to accommodate babies up to 35lbs. This is a wonderful carrier from newborn to 2 years, and even beyond!

The Didymos Meh-Dai is an easy to use baby carrier. It is made from a double-layer rectangular piece of DIDYMOS woven wrap fabric, with four straps sewn to its corners. It has no buckles, snap or Velcro fasteners, so nothing that could wear out, harm or wake baby when putting on or taking off the carrier. The top straps are wide and gathered where sewn to the body panel. They tie tightly around the wearer's shoulders, distributing  baby's weight very evenly. The bottom straps tie together around the waist and provide a secure hold for the baby. The Didy Meh-Dai  supports baby's optimal and ergonomic spread-squat-position, which keeps any unnatural stress off of baby's spine and joints and promotes the healthy development of the hip joints.

The Didytai also has a sleep hood which is wonderful feature for when baby falls asleep or for added protection from the weather elements.  The Didytai is a wonderful option for people that like the idea of a soft structured carrier (a.k.a. back pack carrier) but love the feel of a wrap as the soft body forms to baby’s shape and most people can achieve and higher and tighter position.   It is not as versatile as a wrap but is fairly simple and easy to use with the benefits of the adjustability and moldability of a wrap without all the stiff buckles and padding of a soft structured carrier!

The Didy Meh Dai has a drawstring at the bottom of the panel so that it can be adjusted in width for small babies and re-adjusted as baby grows. It is strongly recommended to only carry baby in the front until baby has developed torso, neck and head control. Once at that stage of development, baby will have met all safety requirements and the Didy Meh-Dai /Mei Tai then makes a great carrier for  back and hip carries.

The Didy Meh-Dai includes a sleep hood which is a wonderful feature for when baby falls asleep, or for added protection from the weather elements. Simply unroll the hood when needed or when not in use, roll it up to keep it out of the way. The hood can also be used to lengthen the size of the panel for larger babies, offering some extra back support.

The Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai)can be used for a front, hip and back carry.  It is important to note that in most circumstances, the baby should have torso, neck and head control before using the hip or back carry.



Didymos Meh-Dai Instructions

Every Didymos Meh-Dai comes with an instructional booklet!

Here is an electronic version to bookmark!


Didymos Meh-Dai How to Videos!

 We recommend Apron style with newborns and small babies!

Sizing the Didymos Meh-Dai (adjusting for the perfect fit!)

Front Carry Version 1 (straps under legs)

Front Carry Version 2 (straps over/under legs - just like in a FWCC with a wrap!)

Front Carry Version 3 - Apron Style (usually used with newborns or small babies!)

Under the Arm Option for smaller babies!


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