DidyGo Onbuhimo by DIDYMOS Prima Aurora
DidyGo Onbuhimo by DIDYMOS Prima Aurora
DidyGo Onbuhimo by DIDYMOS Prima Aurora
DidyGo Onbuhimo by DIDYMOS Prima Aurora
DidyGo Onbuhimo by DIDYMOS Prima Aurora
DidyGo Onbuhimo by DIDYMOS Prima Aurora
DidyGo Onbuhimo by DIDYMOS Prima Aurora
DidyGo Onbuhimo by DIDYMOS Prima Aurora

DidyGo Onbuhimo Prima Aurora by DIDYMOS


Presenting the DidyGo Onbuhimo - a great carrier for quick back carries with your bigger little one!

Fabric Blend: 100% Organic Cotton
Fabric Weight: 230 g/m²
Colours: Natural, Petrol, Turquoise, Pink

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DidyGo Onbuhimo - a great carrier for quick back carries with your bigger little one!

A Timeless Classic!

The Prima weave is a complex jacquard weave that features fine and graphic patterns. The pattern is the same on both fabric sides but with the colours reversed. The Prima has been a classic design since Didymos was first founded in 1972 and continues to be one of the most popular patterns today!   The pattern has been produced in a vast array of colour combinations, weights and fibre blends over the years. There is something for everyone’s tastes in this timeless pattern that is one of the trademarks of modern babywearing.

Didymos gives homage to the classic Prima patterns that have been a staple to the Prima collection for decades by offering a Prima Regular Line collection where the design options are always available.  The designs that are included are colour combinations in 100% GOTS certified organic cotton including Ultramarine, Ruby Red, Emerald, Natural, Sun Yellow, Ruby Mandarin and Blue & White.  More recent limited edition releases such as the Prima Aurora and the Prima Sole Occidente are also now included in the regular line!

Prima Aurora

Prima Aurora

The DIDYMOS Prima Aurora is a classic pattern combined with a beautiful, soft and delicate gradation of colours from neutral to petrol, turquoise and pink.  No high contrast....just a subtle, peaceful and beautiful gradation of blues and pinks with an organic natural backdrop to this artistic palette.  Prima Aurora has been an instant hit since it was released in 2014.  Due to the wonderful popularity of this design, DIDYMOS has made the Prima Aurora part of it's regular line.  Therefore, this particular design is re-woven on a continuous basis.

Considered to be a medium weight fabric, the Prima Aurora is a fabric that is appealing and suitable for both beginners and babywearing novices.  The Prima Aurora is soft as all Prima fabrics become but because of the natural undyed warp, this particular model becomes exceptionally soft and fluffy.  It also has a slightly grippy texture that is ideal to hold knots, passes and panels firmly in place.  The fabric is suitable to carry babies of all ages and stages, for wearers of all shapes and sizes.

The cotton is GOTS certified and dyed with non toxic dyes, it is absolutely free from any harmful substances.  The Prima Aurora is an ideal all-rounder at home or when you are out shopping or on long walks with the family!

So why choose a Prima pattern?

Prima patterned wraps, slings and soft carriers are a great DIDYMOS classics that are versatile for any situation. They are completely adjustable for all ages and stages from newborns to preschoolers and beyond!

At an approximate weight of 220 g/m², the regular collection is considered a light weight fabric which makes it a perfect weight for first learning babywearing as the fabric is supportive yet not bulky which makes learning to wear even easier!  It is also a perfect weight for beginner to novice as it has a slightly grippy texture that is ideal for holding knots, passes and panels firmly in place yet the fabric glides smoothly for easy adjusting.

The cotton is GOTS certified and dyed with non toxic dyes, it is absolutely free from any harmful substances. 

The fabrics are particularly soft and fluffy to the touch and  have a very good diagonal stretch that provides incredible moldability when wearing. 

The nature of the weave is a more open weave which allows for optimal air flow circulation and breathability without compromising strength and durability. The openness of the weave does make it more prone to pulls so some care must be taken but is not a huge concern. 

The Prima Regular Collection is an ideal all-rounder at home or when you are out shopping or on long walks with the family! 

Prima Aurora

What makes Didymos special?

  • The fabric is purposefully woven on special jacquard looms for the sole purpose of babywearing.
  •  The fabric is woven with a diagonal stretch that creates an elasticity in the fabric allowing for the fabric to easily mold to the wearer and baby with optimal comfort and support.
  • The fabric carriers are a custom fit to every person regardless of shape or size.
  • Quality from raw fibre to finished product.

o   Hand picked fibres with no exfoliation or harsh chemicals during harvesting which means a purer fibre.

o   Organic long fibre cotton which is more sturdy cotton fibre.

o   Organic plant fibres (hemp, linen) and ethically sourced animal fibres (silk, wool, cashmere).

o   Manufactured in Germany to ensure high QC levels and not outsourced to be mass produced in low wage countries.  Absolutely no child labour.

o   Dyes are as pure as possible with no heavy metals or halogens while retaining its colour fastness.

o   Manufactured to the ASTM North American standards, European standards and meets the highest rating of the OKO-TEST European testing standards.

o   Manufacturing overseen by master weavers.

The Prima Aurora is available as a Woven Wrap DidySling, DidyKlick, DidyGo and as a beautiful scarf!  We can also order it in as a doll sling for your little one.  Just let us know!

Don't see your size available?

No worries!  We generally stock the most popular wrap base sizes which range from size 5-7 with the occasional shorty, mid-length and extra long size and size 1 as a ring sling.  However, we can quickly order in your size preference!  Didymos always keeps the Regular Line collection in stock so just let us know which size you would like to purchase and we will make it happen!

Release Date
Fabric Blend
100% Organic Cotton
Natural, Petrol, Turquoise, Pink
Fabric Weight Class
220-260 g/m² (Medium)
Mullti-Colour Vibrancy
Didymos Patterns
Secondary Colour
Pastels to Soothe the Soul
Fabric Composition
230 g/m²
Machine Washable?
30°C, Gentle Cycle. Do not tumble dry.
Year of Release
Country of Origin

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The DIDYMOS DidyKlick!

A relaxed Babywearing experience with one click! The DidyKlick Half Buckle!

A new offering in the amazing DIDYMOS collection of baby carriers - the DidyKlick - a half-buckle carrier (half-buckle meaning that it has a buckle closure at the waist only, rather than buckles for the shoulder straps which make up a full buckle carrier). The shoulder straps can be tied in a variety of ways ensuring a perfect fit for any wearer, of all shapes and sizes. 

Easy as 1-2-3!  The sturdy, padded waist band with a clip-buckle ensures support around the torso and is secured with one CLICK!. Baby is then placed in the adjustable, shaped panel, the comfortable straps are put in place and tied, and away you go! Baby is perfectly nestled in this new soft-structured carrier by DIDYMOS!  

The DidyKlick allows you to carry your little ones in comfort in a front, back, or hip carry through everyday life. The waist belt is easy to adjust according to the size of the wearer. The seat and panel are adjustable to fit your baby, which means that this new carrier will perfectly support babies at any age and stage. Baby's back will be optimally supported and legs will be positioned in the most ergonomic spread-squat position (m-position, knees above hips, no pressure on joints or spine). 

The DidyKlick PERFECTLY combines the comfort and versatility of a woven wrap with the ease and speed of a buckle carrier. 

Features at a glance:

 Padded waist belt with safety clip-buckle; sturdy and  adjustable to all sizes.

 Soft back panel with integrated headrest that can be adjusted by drawstrings and fastened in place.

 Wide shoulder straps made from soft woven wrap material that be spread to distribute weight evenly, and tied in a variety of ways to suit all needs.  

 Material: body panel and shoulder straps made from DIDYMOS woven wrap fabric, always of pure organic cotton, with its impressive inherent diagonal stretch for supreme comfort. Completely safe, free from any toxic chemicals, for baby and the environment.

 Safety: Complies to the EU safety standard  CEN/TR 16512 & ASTM F2336 tested.

 Made in Germany and neighbouring countries.

 Fully adjustable and suitable from 3 kg (6.5 lbs) up to 18 kg (40lbs).

 Instructional Booklet included!

DidyKlick Measurements

One size fits all!  For all sizes and shapes!  From newborn to preschool age!


Don't Forget to Read all about Safety & Positioning!

Safety & Positioning

The DidyKlick is now available in many beautiful DIDYMOS patterns and colours! 

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