Cold Weather Protection

Cold Weather Protection

If only we could share via the internet the power of touch, you would surely be amazingly impressed by how soft our little hats and leg warmers are to the touch. Keep your baby cosy and warm with our selection of cold weather accessories for babies. And did you know, the leg warmers work great as wrist cuffs for Mum, too! 

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Alpaca Knit Adult Leg Warmers Alpaca Knit Adult Leg Warmers 2
Cold Weather Protection

Alpaca Knit Adult Leg Warmers

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The softest baby alpaca is used to make these super-cosy leg warmers. We have been offering the baby and kiddie size for years and now we have them in ADULT SIZES!!! 40 cm long -  they can be cuffed, worn over the knee, or even over your boots!
Woolie Baby Leg Warmers Woolie Baby Leg Warmers 2
Cold Weather Protection

Woolie Knit Baby Hat

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Adorable! These knit hats are made from high quality pure new wool and will keep your baby cosy and warm.
Woolie Baby Leg Warmers
Cold Weather Protection

Wool Baby Leg Warmers

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Baby Leg Warmers!! Made from high quality pure new wool, these will keep your baby cosy, and keep bare skin covered when pant legs decide to ride up! 
DIDYMOS Babywearing Vest (100% Boiled Wool) DIDYMOS Babywearing Vest (100% Boiled Wool) 2
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Babywearing Outerwear

DIDYMOS Babywearing Vest

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CA$205.50 CA$274.00
The DIDYMOS is made of 100% soft, boiled wool. This cozy vest will keep both you and your child warm when it’s cold out. For all seasons! Available in sizes S (36 EU, 4 US/CA), M (38 EU, 6 US/CA), L (40 EU, 8 US/CA) and XL (42 EU, 10 US/CA)
Mamalila Softshell Babywearing 4-in-1 Jacket Mamalila Softshell Babywearing 4-in-1 Jacket 2
Babywearing Outerwear

Mamalila Softshell Jacket

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This versatile Softshell Jacket for Two is a favourite for a very good reason! The award-winning Mamalila softshell babywearing jacket offers many unique features and can handle all kinds of weather. The fabric is fleece-lined, they are wind- and waterproof, breathable and very versatile!
BabyDos Boiled Wool (Berry) BabyDos Boiled Wool (Berry) 2
Cold Weather Protection

DIDYMOS BabyDos Babywearing Cover (Boiled Wool)

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What a unique product! The BabyDos is intended to provide your baby with an extra layer of protection against the cold, wind and rain. Simply wrap the BabyDos around your baby (who is already nice and snug in your favourite baby carrier) and keep them comfy and warm. Made of boiled organic wool!
Super-Soft Organic Velour Baby Aviator Hat Super-Soft Organic Velour Baby Aviator Hat 2
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Winter Necessities

Organic Sherpa Baby Aviator Hat

5.0 / 5
Wow! Just, Wow! These are so extremely soft, made from the highest quality organic cotton. The hats are lined with organic flannel and will keep your little one warm during the chilly months. 
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