About DIDYMOS woven baby wraps

DIDYMOS woven wraps are purposefully woven on special jacquard looms for the sole purpose of babywearing using organic plant materials and/or ethically sourced animal fibres. The wraps are woven with a diagonal stretch that creates an elasticity in the fabric allowing for the fabric to easily mold to the wearer and baby with optimal comfort while supporting the baby all over evenly.

Woven wraps are thought to be the most versatile babywearing option. DIDYMOS wraps are a custom fit to every person regardless of shape or size. They can be worn right from a healthy, full term, newborn baby stage right up to preschool age – in fact they are tested to 310 kilos so you are more than likely to make the choice to end your wearing journey before the wrap will! There are a vast amount of carries one can do with a woven wrap from front carries to hip carries to back carries as well as one shoulder and two shoulder carries. Most two shoulder carries, allow the weight of the child to be distributed evenly from shoulders to hips and one is able to wear even heavy children for long periods of time comfortably! Woven wraps come in an assortment of lengths to facilitate many different carries.

DIDYMOS wraps include instructions for various ways of tying and carrying. They are illustrated and easily understood. Each DIDYMOS wrap carries a 3-year guarantee.

Features & Characteristics

The Shape

DIDYMOS slings have the shape of a parallelogram, with tapered ends. This gives you some extra wrap length to tie the knot with and it looks better. The parallelogram shape with its tapered ends allowed for making the DIDYMOS-baby wrap longer while the edges kept the same length.

Erika Hoffmann, the founder of DIDYMOS began weaving wraps in a rectangle shape but later re-designed the wraps to a parallelogram, with tapered ends which set a benchmark for baby wraps and has subsequently become a general standard for wraps in the babywearing industry. Erika Hoffman, the daughter of a professional seamstress, learned the traditional trick that tailors use to make curtains hang nice and straight and she realized that tapered ends leave enough fabric for the knot if the wrap length is a bit short as well as drape the tail fabric beautifully. In addition, since new carries were being created that required more fabric length, this was an ideal solution!

Middle Marker

Each DIDYMOS Baby Wrap is provided with a middle marker “Mein Mittel-Punkt”

This label is helpful during the execution of carries as many carries begin with centering the wrap on the wearer or baby or using the middle marker as a guideline for alternate placement. It also ensures both tail ends have the same length after tying. Erika Hoffman's concept of a middle marker also set a benchmark for baby wraps and has subsequently become a general standard for wraps in the babywearing industry.




A cross twill weave, the fabric is robust and sturdy. It has inherent elasticity in the sense oft he diagonal for optimal support and comfort. The stripes pattern is the same on both fabric sides.



Related to Jacquard woven fabrics, our Prima fabrics feature fine and graphic patterns. The patterns are similar on both fabric sides. Prima fabrics are particularly soft, fluffy to the touch and have very good diagonal stretch.



The Jacquard weave allows for the production of very complex and elaborate patterns in any size. With their inherent elasticity in the sense of the diagonal, our Jacquard fabrics are distinguished by their very fine and soft quality.



Fine and highly elastic, our Jersey fabrics are designed to support and hold newborn and very small babies evenly and securely. Knitted from 100% organic cotton, without Lycra.

Purposefully Woven to Carry Babies

Diagonal Stretch & Elasticity

DIDYMOS uses two types of yarn. Twisted yarn for the warp threads and smooth yarn for the weft threads. The weft threads in all DIDYMOS wraps consist of two cotton strands that are not plyed. The weft threads weave in and out of two warp threads.

In this way, the wraps achieve the special elasticity along the bias whereby the plyed warp threads keep the wrap in shape in the long term. It is woven in such a way that it supports the body of the child all over evenly and has built-in elasticity. Even after a long time of use and pressure it does not stretch and wear out. The edges have double hems so that the cloth of the sling keeps its shape even after prolonged carrying.

Natural Organic & Ethically Sourced Materials

DIDYMOS only uses long-fibrous cotton, which has proved to be anti-abrasive. The cotton is free from poisonous chemicals like insecticides or defoliants – they regularly test these factors. Test Reports: 1 2 3. The cotton used is organic and all other plant fibres and animal fibres are ethically sourced with the DIDYMOS high quality standards and business practices. The fabric is not processed, finished or otherwise treated either before or after manufacture. Auxiliary materials like dressings or lubricants are not used during the weaving process.

DIDYMOS continually tests their carriers according to ÖKO-TEST. Since ÖKO-TEST was first published, DIDYMOS baby wraps have always been rated ‘very good’ (the highest rating) making DIDYMOS, the only baby carrier tested to receive top marks.

Safe for Baby!

Another wonderful characteristic of DIDYMOS wraps is the yarn dying. The process DIDYMOS uses means that the yarns are dyed before weaving which ultimately provides the best possible fixation on the fibres and an intense colour effect in addition to the dye remains pure throughout the entire process and prevents waste. Therefore, the dyes are not poisonous, are free from any heavy metals and completely non-allergic to the skin.

Sociological and ecological aspects should also be considered:

At DIDYMOS, they do not just look at ecological standards. They want to manufacture all DIDYMOS baby wraps, carriers and children’s goods under clear, socially acceptable conditions.

  • The raw cotton comes from biologically controlled cultivation.
  • It is harvested by hand, because machine harvests require the use of defoliating agents which harm the workers at the beginning of the manufacturing chain in particular.
  • Transport distances should be kept as short as possible.
  • Manufacturing costs should not be reduced by using child labour, something that is frequently done in developing countries.

For more information on DIDYMOS carriers, please click here


We recommend that you begin your wrapping journey by learning and mastering the front wrap cross carry. Once you are confident with this carry, feel free to explore the other carries in the Didymos instructional Booklet that are age appropriate for your baby. Have Fun and Happy

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