Disana 100% Organic Merino Wool Diaper Covers


Disana wool diaper covers are made of especially fine, soft organic merino wool. Wool has self-cleaning properties, is super-absorbent and breathable, and are easily washed! 



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Disana wool diaper covers are made of especially fine, soft organic merino wool.  Did you know that wool has self-cleaning properties? Helps regulate body temperature? Is super-absorbent?

The Disana pull-up diaper cover is made of a light-weight double knit wool which is soft and comfortable for baby and can be worn over any size of cloth diaper. The wool cover absorbs urine, which binds with the lanolin, the natural wax found in the wool fibres, and is neutralized. No more urine smell! Wool naturally contains lanolin which attracts and absorbs moisture into the wool fibers, and also repels dirt. If the pants become a little damp, they can simply be left to air dry and be ready to be used at the next diaper change (TIP: flip your cover inside out to air dry!). The high knit waistband and generous leg bands help prevent leaks and keep baby lovely and warm when needed, and help regulate body temperature when too hot. These covers are an excellent choice for both day and night cloth diapering, for any season! Wool is highly breathable, helps regulate body temperature, is anti-bacterial and is very absorbent. These are wonderful diaper cover as well as a beautiful piece of clothing for your child. Available in an array of colours, with six sizes to choose from which will give a perfect fit from newborn to preschool age!

The wool pants do not need to be lanolised prior to their first use however but they can be re-lanolised to maximise its ability to repel moisture. Lanolise periodically to maintain the natural water-resistant nature of the wool. If the cover begins to leak or smells like urine, this is a sign that the cover needs washed, which is easy to do in a sink full of water. If the cover becomes heavily soiled, wash according to Disana's wool washing instructions and lanolise if needed. The cover will improve with washing and use which will felt the wool slightly meaning that the fibres will tighten. 

Disana Woo Diaper Cover Size Chart

*Please note that many customers have advised that the fit is on the small size. The pants will also shrink a bit with washing therefore, we advise sizing up if in doubt.

Fabric Composition
100% Organic Wool

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