DidyTai Mosaic (Organic Cotton)
DidyTai Mosaic (Organic Cotton)
DidyTai Mosaic (Organic Cotton)
DidyTai Mosaic (Organic Cotton)
DidyTai Mosaic (Organic Cotton)
DidyTai Mosaic (Organic Cotton)
DidyTai Mosaic (Organic Cotton)
DidyTai Mosaic (Organic Cotton)
DidyTai Mosaic (Organic Cotton)
DidyTai Mosaic (Organic Cotton)

Didymos Meh Dai Mosaic (Mei Tai / DidyTai)


The Mosaic pattern by DIDYMOS is a weaving masterpiece that showcases the amazing possibilities on the loom. The Mei Tai / Meh Dai is beautiful, easy to tie, and will perfectly support your baby! 

MOSAIC is also available as...
♥ Didymos Baby Woven Wrap
♥ DidySling Ring Sling

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The DidyTai is an easy to use Mei Tai Style carrier made by Didymos. It is created from a rectangular piece of a Didymos wrap fabric that features two wide wrap style shoulder straps sewn to the top corners and two wide straps sewn to the bottom corners for the waist. It has no buckles, snap or velcro fasteners and therefore nothing that could wear out, or cause discomfort to your baby when opened. The top straps are wide and gathered where sewn to the DidyTai body part. They wrap tightly around your shoulders distributing your child’s weight very evenly. The bottom straps tie the DidyTai together and provide additional support. When worn, your child should adopt the spread-squat-position which is their optimal ergonomic position. The DidyTai gives optimal support for this posture. It also features a drawstring to adjust the width of the seat and therefore is ideal for all ages of babies. Although didymos recommends using the didytai up until 18 months. The carrier also comes with a hood that is adjustable. The didytai can be used for front, hip and back carries. It comes in a variety of patterns and colourways.

Release Date
March 20, 2017
Fabric Blend
100% Organic Cotton
Fabric Weight
240 g/m²
Anthracite, Cyclamen,Ocean Blue, Bright Yellow
Warp Colour(s)
Weft Colour
Cyclamen,Ocean Blue, Bright Yellow
Fabric Weight Class
220-260 g/m² (Medium)
Mullti-Colour Vibrancy
Secondary Colour
Fabric Composition
100% Organic Cotton
Care Instructions
Untreated cotton will shrink slightly during the first wash. DIDYMOS wraps are cut a few centimetres longer than advertised to guarantee the right length after washing. Wash at temperatures of up to 60°C/140°F (medium to hot), on a low spin cycle.
Style of Carrier
DIDY Mei Tai / Meh Dai (DidyTai)
Different Rails
Yes (a great learning/teaching tool)
Year of Release
Month of Release
Country of Origin
Back in total: approx. 68cm Width of back: approx. 42cm Waist band length: approx 85cm Shoulder strap length: approx 200-220cm
Did You Know?
This pattern was inspired by a photo of a mosaic design. Birdie's Room presented it to Didymos, unsure whether it would be possible to weave since it seemed too intricate. Lo and behold, the looms managed to weave their magic to create Mosaic!

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