DidyKlick by DIDYMOS Zephyr
DidyKlick by DIDYMOS Zephyr
DidyKlick by DIDYMOS Zephyr
DidyKlick by DIDYMOS Zephyr
DidyKlick by DIDYMOS Zephyr
DidyKlick by DIDYMOS Zephyr
DidyKlick by DIDYMOS Zephyr
DidyKlick by DIDYMOS Zephyr
DidyKlick by DIDYMOS Zephyr
DidyKlick by DIDYMOS Zephyr
DidyKlick by DIDYMOS Zephyr
DidyKlick by DIDYMOS Zephyr

DidyKlick by DIDYMOS Zephyr


A semi-structured, half buckle carrier, the DidyKlick combines the comfortable support and mouldability of a woven wrap with the convenience and simplicity of a buckle carrier!



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As the days are getting longer, it is the perfect timing for the release of the new Didymos herald of spring, 'Zephyr', named after the Greek god of the mild west winds. 

The Zephyr DidyKlick is made from the Zephyr DIDYMOS 100% organic cotton woven wrap. 

We are excited that a North American vendor, Maggie Stickney, was the inspiration behind this beautiful new design! Children love pinwheels and the classic pinwheel design has been a favourite with quilters for decades. The fabric features a geometric design in white, yellow, red and turquoise. Didymos named the new design Zephyr after the ancient Greek god of the mild west winds. A babywearing consultant, who saw the design on one of Didymos' Instagram stories, sent the following song lyrics in to DIDYMOS...

In the water where I center my emotion
All the world can pass me by
Fly away on my Zephyr
We’re gonna live forever
(Zephyr Song, Red Hot Chili Peppers)

The NEW DidyKlick - the Half-Buckle Carrier with a Winning Design!

The DIDYMOS DidyKlick!

A relaxed Babywearing experience with one click! The DidyKlick Half Buckle!

A new offering in the amazing DIDYMOS collection of baby carriers - the DidyKlick - a half-buckle carrier (half-buckle meaning that it has a buckle closure at the waist only, rather than buckles for the shoulder straps which make up a full buckle carrier). The shoulder straps can be tied in a variety of ways ensuring a perfect fit for any wearer, of all shapes and sizes. 

Easy as 1-2-3!  The sturdy, padded waist band with a clip-buckle ensures support around the torso and is secured with one CLICK!. Baby is then placed in the adjustable, shaped panel, the comfortable straps are put in place and tied, and away you go! Baby is perfectly nestled in this new soft-structured carrier by DIDYMOS!  

The DidyKlick allows you to carry your little ones in comfort in a front, back, or hip carry through everyday life. The waist belt is easy to adjust according to the size of the wearer. The seat and panel are adjustable to fit your baby, which means that this new carrier will perfectly support babies at any age and stage. Baby's back will be optimally supported and legs will be positioned in the most ergonomic spread-squat position (m-position, knees above hips, no pressure on joints or spine). 

The DidyKlick PERFECTLY combines the comfort and versatility of a woven wrap with the ease and speed of a buckle carrier. 

Features at a glance:

 Padded waist belt with safety clip-buckle; sturdy and  adjustable to all sizes.

 Soft back panel with integrated headrest that can be adjusted by drawstrings and fastened in place.

 Wide shoulder straps made from soft woven wrap material that be spread to distribute weight evenly, and tied in a variety of ways to suit all needs.  

 Material: body panel and shoulder straps made from DIDYMOS woven wrap fabric, always of pure organic cotton, with its impressive inherent diagonal stretch for supreme comfort. Completely safe, free from any toxic chemicals, for baby and the environment.

 Safety: Complies to the EU safety standard  CEN/TR 16512 & ASTM F2336 tested.

 Made in Germany and neighbouring countries.

 Fully adjustable and suitable from 3 kg (6.5 lbs) up to 18 kg (40lbs).

 Instructional Booklet included!

DidyKlick Measurements

One size fits all!  For all sizes and shapes!  From newborn to preschool age!


Don't Forget to Read all about Safety & Positioning!

Safety & Positioning

The DidyKlick is now available in many beautiful DIDYMOS patterns and colours! 

Release Date
Fabric Blend
100% Organic Cotton
Raw White, Yellow, Red, Turquoise
Mullti-Colour Vibrancy
Didymos Patterns
Jacquard (Limited Editions)
Secondary Colour
Pastels to Soothe the Soul
Machine Washable?
Care Instructions
Untreated cotton will shrink slightly during the first wash. DIDYMOS wraps are cut a few centimetres longer than advertised to guarantee the right length after washing. Wash at temperatures of up to 60°C/140°F (medium to hot), on a low spin cycle.
Country of Origin

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A semi-structured, half buckle carrier, the  DidyKlick  combines the comfortable support and mouldability of a woven wrap with the convenience...

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