DIDYMOS 1975 Blue Tango Merino Silk Woven Baby Wrap

Release Date: September 16, 2019
Colours: Dark Blue, Grenadine Red
Fabric Composition: 80% Organic Cotton, 14% Merino Wool, 6% Mulberry Silk
Fabric Weight: 230 g/m²



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The  legendary DIDYMOS 1975 makes an appearance in this amazing blue and red combination, in an amazing merino wool / silk blend. This tri-blend 1975 Blue Tango beautifully showcases the intricate details of this weave. This is a medium-weight wrap combining dark blue cotton with grenadine coloured merino wool and a dash of shimmering mulberry silk. All yarns meet the highest organic standards (GotS certified). Dyes are without any harmful substances.

This wrap is soft with a slightly grippy texture. The fabric has an inherent diagonal stretch allowing for the wrap to easily mould to the wearer and baby with optimal comfort all while evenly supporting the baby. A great wrap for wearing newborns and heavier toddlers comfortably throughout the babywearing years.

DIDYMOS Woven Baby Wraps include illustrated, easy-to-follow instructions for various ways of tying and carrying.

check For Newborn to Preschool, and beyond.
check Very versatile with UNLIMITED tying possibilities.
check FRONT | HIP | BACK carries, with one or two-shoulder variations. 
check Facilitates skin to skin contact (Kangaroo Care).
check Custom fit EACH TIME!  
check Fully adjustable. Great for sharing - one carrier does it all!
check Ergonomic. Supports anatomically correct positioning for baby.
check Distributes weight over both shoulders - ideal for people with back and shoulder problems.
check Suited for casual AND longer wearing periods of time.
check Beautiful designs and colours, all woven from organic fibres.
check Tested to EU and North American ASTM standards.

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DIDYMOS Woven Wraps are...

check Purposefully woven on special looms for the sole purpose of babywearing.
check Are made from organic cotton (and other plant materials such as linen and hemp) and/or ethically-sourced animal fibres.
check Woven with a diagonal stretch that creates an elasticity in the fabric allowing for the fabric to easily mould to the wearer and baby providing optimal comfort and support.
check Thought to be the most versatile babywearing option in terms of baby carriers since one size will fit all stages of baby development, and many tying variations are available.
check DIDYMOS woven wraps offer a custom fit for every person regardless of their shape and size. They can be used right from the newborn baby stage all the way up to preschool age. In fact, they are tested to 310 Kg so your baby cannot outgrow your wrap!
check There are a vast number of carries one can tie with a woven wrap, including front carries, hip carries AND back carries, with one-shoulder and two-shoulder options. There is something for everyone!
check Most two-shoulder carries allow the weight of the child to be distributed evenly from shoulders to hips and one is able to wear even heavy children for long periods of time COMFORTABLY!

Release Date
September 16, 2019
Fabric Composition
80% Organic Cotton, 14% Merino Wool, 6% Mulberry Silk
Fabric Weight
230 g/m²
Dark Blue, Grenadine Red
Fabric Weight Class
220-260 g/m² (Medium)
All About the Blues
Secondary Colour
Machine Washable?
Care Instructions
Wool Blends should be treated as DELICATES. Hand wash/gently cycle only at max 30°C/85°F (cold). Do NOTspin. Do NOT tumble dry. Gently squeeze water from fabric but do NOT wring. Rinse well to remove all detergent. Air dry only.
Average Star-Rating
5.0 / 5
1 Reviews
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By sharing your experiences and feedback, we can help others make awesome purchasing decisions!

Simply Amazing!
Blue Tango OS is a very special wrap! The cayenne thread shimmer against a navy blue background, making for a chameleon that changes depending on the light. It has become incredibly soft in the short time I've owned it. It wraps like a charm and gives a perfect chest pass every time I use it! Despite the thin weight, the silk and wool make it great for using with a bigger baby or toddler.
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