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DIDYMOS Ada Shobu (Hemp/Silk) DIDYMOS Ada Shobu (Hemp/Silk) 2
DIDYMOS Prima, Ada, Lisca

DIDYMOS Ada Shobu (Hemp/Silk)

5.0 / 5
The name Shobu stands for early summer colours and so perfectly suits this gorgeous combination of red, iris green, emerald green, white and pink alternating in the warp and interweaving with bleached white weft yarns. NEW TO WRAPPING - WHICH SIZE IS BEST SIZING CHART AND COMMON CARRIES
DIDYMOS Flower of Life Gold (Hemp Blend) DIDYMOS Flower of Life Gold (Hemp Blend) 2
Beautiful Jacquards

DIDYMOS Flower of Life Gold (Hemp Blend)

5.0 / 5
New Didymos Flower of Life Gold  This new release shines like the sun and will offer a beautiful, rock-solid hold like only a DIDYMOS Hemp Blend can do!
DIDYMOS Baby Carrier Wrap | Ada Viozur Linen DIDYMOS Baby Carrier Wrap | Ada Viozur Linen 2
DIDYMOS Archives 2017

DIDYMOS Ada Viozur Linen Blend Woven Wrap

5.0 / 5
DIDYMOS Viozur is soft, fluffy, grippy, mouldable and so, so pretty! It will perfectly cradle a newborn and fully support an older child. 
Can-ADA Hemp Linen Can-ADA Hemp Linen 2
DIDYMOS Archives 2017

DIDYMOS Can-ADA Hemp Linen Blend

5.0 / 5
It has a lovely texture and shine. Blues, pinks, neutrals and naturals organic cotton combine with natural hemp and linen to create wrap with impressive diagonal stretch and optimal support. This woven wrap was prepared by special request for a a group of DIDYMOS fans.
DIDYMOS Lisca Pistachio (Organic Cotton) DIDYMOS Lisca Pistachio (Organic Cotton) 2
Product available with different options
DIDYMOS Archives 2017

2017 DIDYMOS Lisca Pistachio (Organic Cotton)

0 / 5
*NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR SALE* A mocca brown warp and a turquoise/lime green weft make up the new Didymos Lisca Pistachio. The fabric is woven in pure organic cotton and is wonderfully soft.
DIDYMOS Magic Forest Monochrome (Linen) DIDYMOS Magic Forest Monochrome (Linen) 2
DIDYMOS Archives 2017

2017 DIDYMOS Magic Forest Monochrome (Linen Blend)

5.0 / 5
This exciting release was prepared for the vibrant DIDYMOS Facebook Community DIDYMOS Wrap Chatter!! The group has collaborated and asked for a Monochrome Magic Forest, and their wish was granted. 
DIDYMOS Mosaic Tussah DIDYMOS Mosaic Tussah 2
Product available with different options
DIDYMOS Archives 2017

DIDYMOS Mosaic Tussah

0 / 5
This gorgeous DIDYMOS Woven Wrap is a blend of Organic Cotton and Tussah Silk. It combines a dark blue cotton warp with shimmering Tussah Silk weft yarns alternating cyclamen, jade green and cornflower blue. 
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