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DIDYMOS Historical Archives - Weaving woven wraps since 1972!

DIDYMOS Historical Archives 2017

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  • DIDYMOS Colours: Yellows that Make you Smile
DIDYMOS Flames Gold (Silk Blend) DIDYMOS Flames Gold (Silk Blend) 2
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Tussah Silk Blends

DIDYMOS Gold Flames (Schappe/Tussah Silk)

0 / 5
❣NEW DIDYMOS Flames Gold ❣ Gold Flames Silk is woven from raw white cotton combined with Tussah Silk that comes as Schappe silk. 
DIDYMOS Flower of Life Gold (Hemp Blend) DIDYMOS Flower of Life Gold (Hemp Blend) 2
Beautiful Jacquards

DIDYMOS Flower of Life Gold (Hemp Blend)

5.0 / 5
New Didymos Flower of Life Gold  This new release shines like the sun and will offer a beautiful, rock-solid hold like only a DIDYMOS Hemp Blend can do!
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