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The original DIDYMOS Woven Wrap | All made from ORGANIC COTTON | Ethical manufacturing, from raw materials to end product | 3-year manufacturer warranty | Supreme wrapping qualities |

Jersey Doubleface Wool Jersey Doubleface Wool 2
Stretchy and Hybrid

DIDYMOS Jersey Hybrid Wrap Doubleface Wool

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Doubleface Jersey wrap featuring silver-grey cotton on one face and anthracite wool on the other. The woolen side is warming and cosy whereas the reverse side, the organic cotton side, is particularly soft and gentle on delicate skin.
DIDYMOS Double-Face Anthracite (Organic Cotton) DIDYMOS Double-Face Anthracite (Organic Cotton) 2
Double Face

DIDYMOS Double-Face Anthracite (Organic Cotton)

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The DIDYMOS Double Face line is a beautiful option for those that prefer simplicity.  The collection is a cross twill weave woven with two colours of threads to create one colour on one side of the fabric and the other colour on the opposite side.
DIDYMOS Doubleface Carbon (Linen Blend) DIDYMOS Doubleface Carbon (Linen Blend) 2
Product available with different options
Linen Blends

DIDYMOS Double Face Carbon (Linen Blend)

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Double Face Carbon Linen combines cotton and linen, both in anthracite to create the plain, unpatterned design of the DIDYMOS Double Face line. Both faces are anthracite, one dominated by the cotton, the other one by the linen yarns that which creates a subtle shine and elegance to the fabric.
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