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The original DIDYMOS Woven Wrap | All made from ORGANIC COTTON | Ethical manufacturing, from raw materials to end product | 3-year manufacturer warranty | Supreme wrapping qualities |

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DIDYMOS Baby Woven Wrap Fairtytale Romance DIDYMOS Baby Woven Wrap Fairtytale Romance 2
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100% Organic Cotton

DIDYMOS Baby Woven Wrap Fairtytale Romance

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The opulent DIDYMOS Fairytale design is woven using a neutral, muted colour palette. It is an enchanting combination that adds a tone of mystery to this beautiful pattern. Also available as a... ♥ DidySling
DIDYMOS Baby Woven Wrap Lisca Nizza (100% Organic Cotton) DIDYMOS Baby Woven Wrap Lisca Nizza (100% Organic Cotton) 2
Baby Wraps

DIDYMOS Baby Woven Wrap Lisca Nizza (100% Organic Cotton)

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For Lisca Nizza, DIDYMOS used yarns in white and combined it with cinnamon and turquoise to highlight the lovely depth of the texture and to captivate some of the „fabulous, colourful reflexes and the fascinating play of the light“ worshipped by Matisse when he lived on the Côtes d'Azur.
DIDYMOS Lisca Viola (Organic Cotton) DIDYMOS Lisca Viola (Organic Cotton) 2
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100% Organic Cotton

DIDYMOS Lisca Viola (Organic Cotton)

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Re-released, this time in a thicker version! Warm hues of berry, cyclamen and scarlet red are combined to create this lovely wrap. The colour combination subtly accentuates the fine structure of the DIDYMOS herringbone pattern which makes the fabric shimmer in the daylight. 
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