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The original DIDYMOS Woven Wrap | All made from ORGANIC COTTON | Ethical manufacturing, from raw materials to end product | 3-year manufacturer warranty | Supreme wrapping qualities |

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DIDYMOS Lisca Smeraldo (Organic Cotton) DIDYMOS Lisca Smeraldo (Organic Cotton) 2
100% Organic Cotton

DIDYMOS Lisca Smeraldo (Organic Cotton)

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The DIDYMOS Lisca Collection features the classic herringbone pattern. The nature of the Lisca weave creates a very soft, cushy fabric. Liscas are popular for their diagonal stretch and moldability. Great wraps for beginner and experienced wrappers alike!
DIDYMOS Lisca Cinnamon-Turquoise (Org.Cotton) DIDYMOS Lisca Cinnamon-Turquoise (Org.Cotton) 2
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DIDYMOS Archives 2016

DIDYMOS Lisca Cinnamon-Turquoise (Organic Cotton)

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Release Date: September 12, 2016 Colours: Cinnamon, Turquoise Fabric Composition: 65% Organic Cotton, 35% Hemp Fabric Weight: 220 g/m² The DIDYMOS Lisca Cinnamon Turquoise shimmers! Just a few of these stumbled through our doors. 
DIDYMOS Lisca Blue Stripe (Org.Cotton) DIDYMOS Lisca Blue Stripe (Org.Cotton) 2

DIDYMOS Lisca Blue Stripe (Org.Cotton)

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An attractive Lisca model  featuring the herringbone pattern in an attractive colour combination. Divided into stripes of dark blue and raw white cotton yarns, the warp interweaves with raw white cotton creating an interplay of dark blue and natural white stripes.
Jersey Hybrid Doubleface Stars Jersey Hybrid Doubleface Stars 2
Stretch Hybrid Wraps

Jersey Hybrid Doubleface Stars

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The DIDYMOS Jersey Hyrbrid wrap is made from knit fabric of 100% organic cotton and features a double-fold finished hem for optimal support. Cradle your baby in organic comfort. Because it is full width, with finished hems, this wrap can take you well past the baby stage.  Learn more about Didymos Hybrids here. 
DIDYMOS Salt & Red Pepper (Hemp Blend) DIDYMOS Salt & Red Pepper (Hemp Blend) 2
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DIDYMOS Salt & Red Pepper (Hemp Blend)

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For those who enjoy a thicker wrap, this one is for you! The new DIDYMOS Salt and Red Pepper is woven in a blend of heavy cotton and solid hemp.
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