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The original DIDYMOS Woven Wrap | All made from ORGANIC COTTON | Ethical manufacturing, from raw materials to end product | 3-year manufacturer warranty | Supreme wrapping qualities |

DIDYMOS Lisca Viola (Organic Cotton) DIDYMOS Lisca Viola (Organic Cotton) 2
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100% Organic Cotton

DIDYMOS Lisca Viola (Organic Cotton)

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Re-released, this time in a thicker version! Warm hues of berry, cyclamen and scarlet red are combined to create this lovely wrap. The colour combination subtly accentuates the fine structure of the DIDYMOS herringbone pattern which makes the fabric shimmer in the daylight. 
DIDYMOS Ada Pink Turmalin (Organic Cotton) DIDYMOS Ada Pink Turmalin (Organic Cotton) 2
Baby Wraps

DIDYMOS Ada Pink Tourmaline (Organic Cotton)

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The DIDYMOS ADA Tourmaline is a beautiful combination of colours in the ADA weave. This wrap molds beautifully to completely support baby, and the fabric is floppy, textured, easy to tie. Perfection!
DIDYMOS Lisca Coralia (Org.Cotton) DIDYMOS Lisca Coralia (Org.Cotton) 2
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DIDYMOS Lisca Coralia (Organic Cotton)

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A gorgeous colour/pattern combination and a must-have! Woven all in cotton, the fine structure of the herringbone Lisca model is highlighted by interweaving a coral-coloured cotton warp with raw white cotton weft yarns.
DIDYMOS Art Deco (Org.Cotton) DIDYMOS Art Deco (Org.Cotton) 2
Art Deco / Lambda

DIDYMOS Art Deco (Organic Cotton)

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This classic yet contemporary  Art Deco inspired design features a beautiful natural white warp artfully woven into an anthracite and pink yarn weft creating an eye catching gradation of colours.   
DIDYMOS Grande Pink (Hemp... DIDYMOS Grande Pink (Hemp... 2
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Prima Grande

DIDYMOS Grande Pink (Hemp Blend)

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The Prima Grande Pink model features the popular Prima pattern in an extra large version. The idea for it came up during a workshop at the European Babywearing Conference in Bristol!
DIDYMOS Indio Aurora (Org.Cotton) DIDYMOS Indio Aurora (Org.Cotton) 2
DIDYMOS Prima, Ada, Lisca

DIDYMOS Prima Aurora Woven Wrap (Organic Cotton)

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A classic Didymos pattern with a graduation of four colours in the weft! Fabric Blend: 100% Organic Cotton Fabric Weight: 230 g/m² Colours: Natural, Petrol, Turquoise, Pink
DIDYMOS Prima Flamenco (Hemp Blend) DIDYMOS Prima Flamenco (Hemp Blend) 2
DIDYMOS Prima, Ada, Lisca

DIDYMOS Prima Flamenco (Hemp Blend)

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We are thrilled to offer this lovely PINK Didymos classic pattern in an impressive hemp blend. For anyone that likes hemp blends, pink and thick, then this is a wrap for you! This is the re-release of the well-received version from 2013.
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