Disana Organic Cotton Knit Tie Diaper
Disana Organic Cotton Knit Tie Diaper

Disana Organic Cotton Knit Tie Diaper


 This organic cotton tie cloth diaper is made from a very soft knit. It is designed to fit perfectly from the newborn stage to the end of the diapering stage.

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This organic cotton tie cloth diaper is comprised of a very long piece of stretchy knit cotton that is wrapped and tied around your baby. The concept is similar to a flat or prefold in that it consists of one flat piece of organic cotton, but it also features a stretchy knit cotton tie that is wrapped around your baby's waist to keep the diaper in place. This diaper is made from soft, stretchy organic knit cotton that "grows" with your baby, which makes it truly a one-size diaper.  It is one of the most economical choices in cloth diapers because it will fit your baby from birth through potty training.  The knit cotton is absorbent but is fairly thin, so we recommend using this diaper with a doubler for extra containment and absorbency. You can use any doubler or insert directly against the baby's skin or in between the two folds of the diaper.   For a very effective night time system, we recommend using this this diaper "stuffed" with a cotton prefold, folded into a trifold (or a prefold + doubler of your choice for more absorbency), with a thick wool cover such as Disana's merino wool covers.  This is a wonderful night time system because it is breathable for your baby and when tied properly, it contains leaks very well.  This also works wonders at night because it takes a long time for this particular cotton to feel wet on the outside, especially when you have stuffed the diaper with an extra prefold or thick doubler.  We love this combination because it is provides your baby with 3 or 4 layers of 100% organic fabric.           Other Details:  Care:  This diaper may be machine washed and dried on low to medium heat.  It should be washed before using it on a baby for the first time, and we recommend washing it 3-5 times before it becomes fully absorbent, which removes the natural oils found in organic cotton. Size: This is a one-size diaper.  It can be folded as needed in both the front and back to make it small enough to fit a newborn, as long as you don't mind a little extra bulk.  Unfolded, the dimensions are: 49.5" long (from top to bottom), 7" wide (at the narrow base), and 11" wide (at the wide upper portion).  Each string is 22" long.   

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Cloth diapering is easy!! It takes just a few attempts to develop a personal routine.
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