Hemp is a natural fibre that has a lustre similar to linen although without as much shimmer. Despite, hemp belonging to the cannabis plant family, the plant grown for its fibre contains too low a level of THC to be used as a psychedelic drug.  Hemp is dense and fibrous. It is an incredibly strong, durable fabric that very resistant to tearing and mould!  Hemp typically lasts four times longer than cotton.

Hemp is a beautiful to wear once “broken in”.  However, it can be a little bit intimidating brand new in the box.  Before a few washes, hemp is often described a bit like a screen door!  Once a hemp wrap is washed and worn, it doesn’t take long to become silky, buttery soft while still being one of the most rock solid fibres out there.  Hemp is notoriously known as being super supportive.  Therefore, many select this fibre from newborn to preschool age as the silky softness is ideal for an infant and the support is ideal for the heavier child.  Hemp can be on the warmer side, but a thinner hemp in a looser weave such as an indio is still a favourite among popular summer wraps.  Hemp does not have a lot of bounce or give when being worn which provides a rock solid carry.  However, with very heavy children, this can dig into the shoulder if all the slack is not taken out of the carry from the start.  A well executed carry in a hemp wrap can be one of the most comfortable and supportive fibres to wear!

What to expect

Didymos exclusively uses top quality hemp. A natural fibre, hemp threads may show irregularities in thickness which give a vivid structure to the yarn respectively to the fabric. As with linen, when hemp is processed, these irregularities will be visible in the fabric and in the pattern (stripes, bright-dark effects, thicknesses and differences in repeat patterns). Such natural and typical structures are characteristic for cotton-hemp blend Didymos baby slings and by no means affect the integrity or structure of the wrap.  The nubs and slubs tend to be a bit more common in hemp wraps compared to linen but this is often thought of as the natural beauty of hemp.  Similar to linen, hemp is known for creasing.  Therefore, it is important to not fold the wrap the same way all of the time.


Hemp is fairly easy to care for and loves heat. A warm or hot wash with a tumble in the dryer is a great way the new stiff texture to become smooth and buttery soft quickly!  However, please note that excessive heat can cause hemp to shrink or become overly dry feeling and therefore we recommend following the washing guidelines that Didymos sets forth which is under the Cotton care section.  I generally treat and care for my hemp wraps the same way as I do my linen wraps.  Some tips for speeding up the breaking in process is to use dryer balls and steam iron!   However, even without these extra steps, hemp becomes remarkably softer much quicker than linen.

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DIDYMOS Moon River (Hemp Blend) Woven Wrap DIDYMOS Moon River (Hemp Blend) Woven Wrap 2
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DIDYMOS Moon River (Hemp Blend) Woven Wrap

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Release DateJune 4, 2019Fabric Composition:65% Organic Cotton, 35% HempFabric Weight210 g/m²ColoursShades of Blue, Ecru
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