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Erin S.
Erin S
I have tried original ada extra wide in both a broken in size 5 and a new size 7. It is on the thinner side compared to the other adas I’ve tried. I measured it at 231gsm. The broken in one was so very soft, moldable, and airy. But still enough texture to hold a sliding knot. The width made it supportive enough for a toddler to be comfortable in frts, even though it is so thin. The new one I bought was still very soft and easy to use after it’s first wash and won’t take much work to break it in. It is definitely a newborn to toddler wrap. Nice and soft for a little Baby. But still supportive for a toddler in even two pass carries. Because if it’s width it would be a little challenge to use with little baby with little legs, but I think it would be possible to figure it out. It’s a beautiful denim blue and warm beige color. The ada pattern has a lace look to it, very elegant.
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