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Meagan N.
Marta is my favorite wrap of all time. Once broken in, it's perfect for all occasions. You have to run over it with a train to break it in, but after that, it's amazing. It's light and thin, but dense and strong. A smidge of grip, but mostly glide. Perfectly supportive even in messy wrap jobs. Marta wins all around best performer.
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Erin S.
Erin S
I was able to borrow a size 7 Marta Prima from a friend. This hemp/silk blend is so unique! It has a lot of texture. It is medium thin for a Prima. It is a great wrap for larger babies and toddlers. It takes a lot of work to break in but I’m sure it is worth it. I also am not a pink or red person but the color is very nice irl. Almost a terra-cotta/brick red.
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