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Meghan R.
A tandem wrapping treat!
When my twins were younger I tandem-wrapped not only to survive life but to bond with my two babies. This wrap offered amazing support and held up like a champ under additional stress of carrying two babes. Seen here with Blues Prima, it also looks amazing!
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Tammy T.
CanAda is the most luxurious Didymos I have tried. It’s fluffy and supportive and he eat for picky shoulder. Didymos created the perfect and pretties tri-blend. As a West coast Canadian, I’m thrilled to have this wrap!!!!!
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Christina E.
Love CanADA
I bought the CanADA wrap because of the inspiration of the B.C. West Coast. It’s gorgeous and once broken in is amazingly soft yet strong.
Elina R.
CanADA is all THAT!
As this wrap breaks in, it is becoming my #1 choice and most comfortable wrap. It is the most supportive and comfortable cotton-hemp-linen tri-blend I've tried to date! And yes, I've tried all of the Primas and the OS. Absolutely AMAZING wrapping qualities! This one is not for the faint-hearted as it takes a ton of work to break in, but it is truly worth the effort.
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