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Brenda W.
No budge Ada
This wrap will NOT MOVE. Do you have a wild toddler? This is what you need. If you are looking for grip, here you go. I don't know what magic Didymos put into this hemp but it is super strong. The green is so lovely, a very true evergreen color that looks flattering on so many people. Ada Iris is the whole package.
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Erin S.
Erin S
I bought an ada iris size 5 new when it was released.. It was very thick, and textured I measured it at 361gsm after a wash and some use. I sold it before I was able to fully break it in. I would love to try one that has been fully broken in. Bc it was new I had trouble making a tight sliding knot. But I imagine it is a grippy toddler prison! I would only recommend it for toddlers, this is not a newborn wrap. It’s a beautiful high contrast emerald green and ecru color. The ada pattern has a lace look to it, very elegant.
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Carrie R.
I was drawn to this wrap for the color. It’s the most beautiful green! While I would imagine this might be a bit cumbersome for small babies, it was great with my toddler. Lots of texture, which can make getting passes in place a bit of a workout. But once they are, they are locked. If you need a toddler prison, this is it!
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"Toddler Prison" - Love it! :-) Looks great. Love the finish! Thank you for the insightful review!
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