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Must-have baby accessory!
I absolutely love these leg warmers, and I'm back to order more colors. I originally purchased the 15cm size for my infant. She's three weeks old now and we have used them nearly every single day to keep her little legs warm under her sleeper gowns, as her socks refuse to stay on! These provide her with warmth and I notice her feet aren't cold even if she just has these on with no socks. I love how soft they are and how they don't irritate my baby's skin (I put them directly over her legs). For sizing, these fit just about the entire length of my baby's legs from her her thighs to her ankles, and I think they will continue to fit for a while as the ribbing makes them stretchy. I'll purchase the 15cm again in a couple of other colors, but when she gets older, I may be back for the larger size as these can also be layered over leggings!
Janet M.
Super soft leg warmers
I bought the 30 cm leg warmers for my 2.5 year old toddler. These are super soft and narrow, fitting him well. They are thinner than the wool leg warmers also on this website. These are excellent if you want something next to your baby's skin indoors and also as a thinner barrier if outdoors. I use them to cover his ankles while babywearing when his pants ride up. Highly recommended.
Courtney M.
So soft and warm!
I absolutely LOVE these for my 14 month old. We have had them for nearly 8 months and use them a lot! A) they still fit! They have great stretch! And B) they keep his little legs nice and toasty when I am wearing him.
Birdie's Room F.
These are amazing!
So soft, stretchy, plenty of length for pulling high or slouching, and you can even sneak them onto a sleeping back wrapped baby that had been refusing socks (speaking from experience ). Definitely a fabulous winter babywearing, or anytime, accessory.
Birdie's Room F.
Exceeded Expectations!
I ordered the legwarmers for my baby and they are so lovely! Thin, stretchy, super soft alpaca. These are so soft and the perfect layer over his sleeper to keep his legs warm. I am very happy with the softness and there is no itch
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Thank you! So happy to hear that you like the product! They are super-cosy!
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