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Meagan N.
beautiful grad
This is such a pretty grad and a lot like its sister Alpenglow. It washes up soft and medium weight. I loved wrapping my little baby in this fluffy prima.
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Erin S.
Erin S
I borrowed a size 6 alpen glacier Prima from a friend. It’s hard to beat a 100% cotton Prima! This is a very medium cotton Prima. Would be great for a little baby or bigger baby. The color irl Os really hard to capture. It’s a really stunning soft blue and green variegated weft wrap.
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Elina R.
Breathtaking colours & perfect wrapping!
The colours of Alpen Glacier are insanely gorgeous and this all cotton blend wraps like a dream. I generally avoid wraps with lower gsm but found this wrap very soft and supportive for my baby, even as he grew past 20lbs! This wrap is perma-love here!
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