Linen has a gorgeous lustre and shimmer that creates a visually beautiful wrap.  Linen also has fabulous temperature and moisture regulating properties and is one of the most popular fibres for babywearing in warmer climates or for wearer’s who tend to hold heat within their bodies and have a tendency to perspire.  Linen fabric is smooth and cool to the touch. Its coolness, and its ability to absorb up to 20% moisture without feeling damp, makes it an ideal fibre for warmer weather wraps & slings.  It is a strong and supportive fibre with minimal elasticity and as a result can feel hard and diggy on the shoulders unless blended with another fibre.  The combination of linen and cotton in Didymos wraps & slings creates a perfect balance of softness, cush, moldability, support and strength.  This combination tends to feel very solid when wrapped.  It doesn’t stretch or sag and is ideal for newborns right up to preschool age.

What to expect

Didymos exclusively uses top quality linen. A natural fibre, linen threads may show irregularities in thickness which give a vivid structure to the yarn respectively to the fabric. When linen is processed, these irregularities will be visible in the fabric and in the pattern (stripes, bright-dark effects, thicknesses and differences in repeat patterns). Such natural and typical structures are characteristic for cotton-linen blend DIDYMOS baby slings and do by no means affect the wearing comfort or the durability of the warps and slings.  Linen is known for creasing which at the extreme can result in perma creasing which is permanent creasing resulting in always looking wrinkled.  Perma creasing can occur when the carriers are being stored while wrinkled, over drying, or even just regular use.  Steam ironing regularly and rolling instead of folding the wraps can alleviate the wrinkles and creasing, but please note that wrinkling is inherent with linen to some degree and this does not the integrity of the fibre or the wearability of the carrier.

Linen wraps & slings do tend to have a longer breaking in process than cotton and sometimes but not always longer than hemp as well..  They can often feel quite stiff brand new in the box but after a few washes and wears, start to soften up nicely.  Once fully broken in, the fabric becomes very soft and squishy!  If you find that the wrap becomes a little diggy when wearing, make sure to tighten all of the slack when executing your carry to begin with.  In addition, a thicker or higher weight wrap will provide more cush which is ideal for carrying heavier babies and older children or for those who have picky shoulders! 


Baby slings and wraps made from cotton/linen blend are easy to care for. They can be washed at 60°C but have to be spinned on gentle cycle. Use liquid detergent only as washing powder may affect the carrier by entering the hollow linen fibre structure and slowly weaken the fibres. The individual linen fibres are in the forms of fine tubes, which swell when wet.  During drying, the fibres shrink and the cavities constrict, but the powder detergent does not shrink, and so become wedged and they enlarge the fine tubes. Over time, the linen fibres grow brittle, then eventually deteriorate.  Linen can be tumble-dried, but should only be dried to damp as it is much easier to iron when damp.  Tumble-drying and steam-ironing  is one of the most effective ways to break a new linen wrap in.  Linen breaks in to be squishy soft.   For general guidelines on washing, please see the Cotton care section.

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