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Didymos Lisca Blue Woven Wrap (100% Organic Cotton) Didymos Lisca Blue Woven Wrap (100% Organic Cotton) 2
Baby Wraps

Didymos Lisca Dark Blue Woven Wrap (100% Organic Cotton)

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Cornflower Blue and Anthracite coloured yarns are combined to create the intense and vibrant blue which also highlights the classic herringbone pattern. DIDYMOS Liscas are popular for their diagonal stretch and moldability. They are the ultimate in comfort and softness and they are great wraps for beginners and experienced wrappers alike.
DIDYMOS Lisca Arctic Blue (Wool Blend) Woven Wrap DIDYMOS Lisca Arctic Blue (Wool Blend) Woven Wrap 2
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Wool Blends

DIDYMOS Lisca Arctic Blue (Wool Blend) Woven Wrap

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It is getting cold outside! Enter DIDYMOS wool blends - cosy and warm babywearing! DIDYMOS has prepared ONE colour combination and woven THREE different classic DIDYMOS patterns: PRIMA Winter Sky, LISCA Arctic Blue, ADA Azzurite. All are cushy, supportive, woolie and amazing!
DIDYMOS Lisca Cinnamon-Turquoise (Org.Cotton) DIDYMOS Lisca Cinnamon-Turquoise (Org.Cotton) 2
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DIDYMOS Archives 2016

DIDYMOS Lisca Cinnamon-Turquoise (Organic Cotton)

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Release Date: September 12, 2016 Colours: Cinnamon, Turquoise Fabric Composition: 65% Organic Cotton, 35% Hemp Fabric Weight: 220 g/m² The DIDYMOS Lisca Cinnamon Turquoise shimmers! Just a few of these stumbled through our doors. 
DIDYMOS Lisca Inc. DIDYMOS Lisca Inc. 2
DIDYMOS Prima, Ada, Lisca

DIDYMOS Lisca Inc. (Organic Cotton)

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Made from 100% organic cotton, the fabric is created by interweaving blue-green with turquoise and raw white yarns creating a shimmering effect. 
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