Mamalila Extra Babywearing Wool Insert

Mamalila Extra Babywearing Wool Insert


Now you can use your coat while tandem wearing! One baby on the back, one baby on the front. With an extra babywearing insert, all options are covered! 

Colours Available:
  • Anthracite
  • Berry
  • Misty Blue
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Now you can use your coat while tandem wearing - One baby on the back, one baby on the front. With an extra babywearing insert, all options are covered! This extra insert will integrate into the Mamalila Wool Hooded Coat. 


The Mamalila Hooded Coat for Two offers the best of both worlds: made from pure wool with a windproof lining which keeps the cold out and the heat in. As lining, we use a windstopper with a breathable  membrane. This ensure 100% protection against wind and does not let in any rain. Thanks to the breathable membrane, the wool is still able to balance the temperature as this is its natural ability.

Outer material: 100% wool (boiled wool)

Inner material: 2-layer-Laminate, 1st Layer 100% Polyester, Membrane 100% Polyester/Polyurethane

Care Instructions

The mamalila hooded coat is made from 100% boiled wool, a material that is naturally thermoregulating, dirt and odour repellent. Your babywearing coat therefore does not need much care. Should it be absolutely necessary to wash the coat, we recommend either dry cleaning or washing it in a bathtub with a small amount of wool detergent and plenty of water. Roll in a towel to dry. Do not wring out garment. 

Anthracite, Berry, Vintage Rose, Misty Blue
Care Instructions
Infrequent washing needed. Dry cleaning or wash in a bathtub with wool wash and plenty of water. Do not wring; lay the coat on a towel to dry.
Country of Origin
Made From
Outer Material: 100% boiled wool; Inner Material: 2-layer-Laminate (100% Polyester and 100% Polyester/Polyurethane membrane)

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