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DIDYMOS Babywearing Vest (100% Boiled Wool) DIDYMOS Babywearing Vest (100% Boiled Wool) 2
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Babywearing Outerwear

DIDYMOS Babywearing Vest

CA$205.50 CA$274.00
The DIDYMOS is made of 100% soft, boiled wool. This cozy vest will keep both you and your child warm when it’s cold out. For all seasons! Available in sizes S (36 EU, 4 US/CA), M (38 EU, 6 US/CA), L (40 EU, 8 US/CA) and XL (42 EU, 10 US/CA)
DIDYMOS Star Owls (Org.Cotton) DIDYMOS Star Owls (Org.Cotton) 2
Beautiful Jacquards

DIDYMOS Star Owls (Organic Cotton)

Featuring the well-known night scene with moon and stars and owls, this new wrap is simply beautiful. Woven in a gorgeous colour combination of turquoise and dark blue, this pure cotton wrap is an eye-catcher.
DIDYMOS India Winter (Wool Blend) DIDYMOS India Winter (Wool Blend) 2

DIDYMOS India Winter (Wool Blend)

A cosy and warm wool blend fabric featuring the INDIA pattern in an amazing combination of intense colours! Woven with fuchsia coloured cotton and dark magenta coloured wool, the pattern is the same on both side but with the colours reversed.
Grey Grey 2
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Babywearing Outerwear

Mama Poncho by Junah (100% Pure Virgin Wool)

CA$196.00 CA$245.00
The Mamaponcho by Junah, Switzerland is a cosy garment that will keep you and your little one warm, whether you are carrying your baby in a front carry or a back carry.  Made from soft, organic wool, these ponchos are great as a top layer in all weather. With a head opening for both you and your baby, the poncho can be worn with baby on front or on the back.
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