Disana Organic Cotton Breast Pads


Comfortable & Organic Breast Pads available in your choice of Organic Knitted Cotton, Organic Cotton Flannel or Organic Cotton & a Microfibre combination!

Soft and absorbent organic cotton breast pads that are easy to use and washable!.  

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Soft and absorbent organic cotton breast pads that are easy to use and washable!.  These soft, organic cotton pads are lovely to wear as the cotton is cooling to the skin. No peeling off polyester pads from sore nipples!  The several layers of organic cotton absorb any milk and offer excellent protection against leakage. 

Options:  Available all in natural with your choice of 100% organic brushed cotton flannel, 100% organic knitted cotton and an Organic Cotton-Microfibre combination where the cotton absorbs excess milk and the breathable microfiber outer cover its waterproof and prevents embarrassing wet patches on clothing!  Both the knitted and flannel are very absorbent but we do recommend two pads per breast for starting out!

All pads contain 100% organic cotton, certified organic by the International Association of Natural Textiles (IVN) and meets the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).  

Sizing: Available in two sizes 11cm diameter or 14cm diameter.  Packaged in pairs!

Care instructions:  Wash several times before use to make the cotton absorbent; check the absorbency by pouring some water onto the pad. If the water runs off, wash the pads again. Can be machine-or hand-washed.

Made in Germany.

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