Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

Cotton is a great workhorse fibre yet is soft & cuddly enough for a newborn and strong & supportive enough for toddler and pre-schooler wearing.  Cotton is easy to care for and quickly becomes soft with only a few washes and wears.  It is highly recommended as a beginner’s first wrap due to its ease of use!

You can carry any size or age of child in a cotton wrap comfortably.  Thin cotton wraps are usually soft & moldable brand new in the box and require little to no breaking in process!  We like to recommend thinner cotton wraps for new babies as they are easy to work with in learning & executing carries for the first time, especially with making passes under a new babies small legs!  They also result in a small finishing knot which is less cumbersome for a new wearer and looks very nice!  Cotton is not as cool as linen, or as warm as hemp. It is not as insulating as wool, or as strong as silk.  Thicker cotton wraps are supportive enough for any age and size.  We like to recommend thicker cotton wraps for older or heavier children as the higher weight of the fabric provides additional cush for the wearer.

What to expect

Natural, untreated cotton shrinks a bit during the first wash. Therefore, your new DIDYMOS has additional fabric length to guarantee that your wrap or sling has the correct length after washing.   Cotton as a natural fibre may show irregularities in thickness. Such natural and typical structures are characteristic for Didymos baby slings and do by no means affect the wearing comfort or the durability of the warps and slings.


Unless differently specified, all Didymos cotton Baby Wraps and Slings can be washed at 60°C/140°F on a delicate cycle.  The recommendation is less is best when using laundry detergent. Use little, preferably liquid detergent that is suited and recommended for the fabric in question (make sure that the detergent is WITHOUT optical brighteners, bleaching or softening agents).  Detergent residue or mineral accumulations reduce the elasticity of the fabric. We therefore recommend to use water softener if your water is hard.  Hint: Pour some vinegar into the softener compartment of the washing machine for the last rinse. This helps to avoid such accumulations and reduces the typical smell of detergent. Didymos also recommends to only spin dry at low speed and only tumble dry in the dryer and avoid excessive heat.   Ironing is advisable for all wraps, as it helps to prevent folds from forming always in the same places which might affect the durability of the fabric. 


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