Posture and Babywearing

As more and more information is shared about the many benefits of babywearing, and with so many baby carriers on the market, we are more babies being carried in baby carriers than ever before. The benefits to both baby and wearer are numerous. As this important trend in baby care continues to spread, there are some helpful tips that can help parents and care providers with staying comfortable. We found some helpful that explain the importance of proper posture while babywearing as well as some exercises one can quickly perform to help our bodies handle the extra load.

Babywearing Tip

A pelvic tilt will not only help baby settle into a nice M-position, but it will help the wearer maintain a healthy posture. See below for some more information and helpful links.

Pelvic Tile and Babywearing Birdie's Room

Helpful Links

Take a Peek for Some Great Stretches

In the yoga world, there are many stretches that can help us undo the daily tolls we place on our bodies. Take a look at the link below for some great suggestions. There are many links to helpful sequences but even if you just glance at this page from inspirational photos and try one or two, you will notice muscles being energized!

Even though my babywearing days are long behind and my children are almost all out of high school, stretches and mindful posture, and even pelvic floor awareness, are still of daily importance.