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DIDYMOS Baby Carriers and Babywearing Gear
Didymos woven wraps and baby carriers are perfect for newborns to toddlers. They are versatile, comfortable, fully adjustable and available in many beautiful colours and patterns.

$198.00 CAD$319.00 CAD

Didymos Patterns

Loto Faith Woven Baby Wrap

$196.00 CAD
$238.00 CAD$409.00 CAD
$166.00 CAD$256.00 CAD

DidySnap Full Buckle by DIDYMOS

DidySnap 4U Olive Twig Full Buckle Carrier

$279.00 CAD
$169.00 CAD$289.00 CAD
$169.00 CAD$289.00 CAD

Doubleface & Solids

Effi Woven Baby Wrap

$186.00 CAD$279.00 CAD
$184.00 CAD$299.00 CAD

The DidyKlick by DIDYMOS

DidyKlick 4U Effi by DIDYMOS

$279.00 CAD