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Arts and hand-crafts to keep your little one’s imagination active! Large pencils for little hands, natural crayons that are sturdier than most, fairytale wool, special colouring books – lots to inspire young, creative minds!

Art & Crafts

Stockmar Wax Crayons

$18.50 CAD$70.00 CAD
$19.50 CAD$39.00 CAD
$26.00 CAD

Art & Crafts

Play Silks Tie-Dye

$32.00 CAD
$46.00 CAD
Coloured ChalkColoured Chalk
White ChalkWhite Chalk
$5.00 CAD
$19.00 CAD

Art & Crafts

Animal Stamp Set

$24.00 CAD
$28.00 CAD