Beachfront Baby® Water Sling

Beachfront Baby® Water Sling

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A Ring Sling perfect for in and at the water! Made from a mesh that lets water pass through and will dry quickly. 

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What’s so special about this sling?

These water baby carriers are a must have for vacations & the summer! Performance athletic mesh lends breath-ability with just the right amount of stretch. Sewn by work-at-home-moms in the San Antonio, Texas area, much care & attention to detail has gone into sewing these carriers for safety and beauty.

One size carriers fit most adults who wear a size S, M or L shirt. The “one size” carriers can be shared by multiple caregivers so no  size charts needed! 

Also available are Limited Edition prints which have been sewn in very small batches & are available for a limited time!

The Light Blue Recycled option is made with 100% Repreve® PC polyester which contains approximately 10 plastic water bottles! The ultimate in recycling!

Beachfront Baby® Carriers are a must have for vacations and hot weather!

Their lightweight performance athletic fabric lends breathability with just the right amount of stretch. The fabric feels like a lightweight, silky swimsuit which keeps the sling light in the water and lets it dry quickly. With a Beachfront Baby® Carrier, baby can be worn in the shower, at the beach, at the water-park or in the pool. The carriers hold babies from 8 – 30* pounds and are machine washable. The slings place baby in the optimal position- high on the wearer’s chest and close enough to kiss. This is extremely important in any baby carrier but especially in any water environment.

Beachfront Baby® Slings are fully adjustable ring slings made with SlingRings™ brand aluminum rings. Beachfront Baby® Slings contain no neoprene or buckles- just a simple piece of cloth with 2 rings sewn onto one end. The opposite ends of the sling fit through the rings, much like a belt buckle, creating a pocket that holds baby close to the wearer’s body. *Print slings are double layer and hold babies up to 35lbs.

Due to variations in monitors as well as slight variations in dye lots, some colors may look different in person than they do in our photos.

About the Repreve Recycled option

Each Recycled Sling comes with it’s own matching drawstring carry bag, which is also made with Repreve®, and the packaging for this sling is printed on 100% recycled paper. When you buy one of these slings, you are helping us #turnitgreen!

Made in the USA, all the carriers are sewn with care by work-at-home-moms in the San Antonio, Texas area. The “one size” carriers can be shared by multiple caregivers so no confusing size charts needed! Available in sky blue as shown. 

The yarn used for the Recycled Slings is certified to be free of harmful substances according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100.


Each Beachfront Baby® Carrier comes with a photo instruction booklet in the package.

A heart-to-heart hold ensures that the wearer can see the baby’s face at all times. This is extremely important in any water environment, so that you can keep a close eye on how much water is near your baby’s face.

If your baby feels insecure in the wrap, try tying the wrap tighter. Your baby’s body should be snug against yours.

The product booklet may be downloaded here.

The basic heart-to-heart hold instructional video can be viewed here.

Beachfront Baby 100% polyester carriers do NOT include sun protection factor. Please use care & common sense when taking your baby out in the sun or water. Don’t do anything with your baby in the carrier that you wouldn’t do with him/her in your arms. By purchasing a Beachfront Baby® Carrier, you agree to release Beachfront Baby, LLC & it’s members, employees and/or retailers from any & all liability for any injury which might result from the use of our carriers. The wearer is responsible for using the carrier safely & correctly.

Please checkout Birdie’s Room Blog for additional Safety and Positioning information!


Q: Can I wear my baby in other positions in a Beachfront Baby® Carrier?

A: Yes! Beachfront Baby Wraps are similar in size & structure to other wraparound carriers. The fabric has 2-way stretch (as opposed to 4-way stretch) allowing for comfortable wearing in & out of the water. The heart-to-heart position shown in the photo wrapping instructions is the only position recommended for use in any water environment. If your baby is facing away from you, you cannot see his face to be able to gauge how he is reacting to the water & how much water is splashing in his face. Some older babies just do NOT like this position because they want to see everything! It is up to YOU to make the final decision as to how to use this wrap, and the wearer accepts full responsibility for using it in a way other than what’s recommended. Using the wrap OUT OF THE WATER gives you another option for position. Due to the width of this wrap as well as the slippery feel of the fabric, this wrap is NOT suitable for back carries. Babies can be worn in the heart-to-heart or hip carry position in a Beachfront Baby® Sling. Check the booklet included with your sling for complete wearing instructions or view the online booklet file here.

Q: Do Original Beachfront Baby® Mesh Carriers contain SPF/ UV protection?

A: No. The only UV protection is what the layers of fabric afford. Please protect your baby with a non-toxic sunscreen (if he is over the recommended age for use) clothing & a hat, as well as keeping out of the direct sun as much as possible during the middle of the day & making sure you have a shady place to rest now & then. The Everyday by Beachfront Baby line of carriers have a UPF rating of 15, meaning it blocks about 87% of UVA and 95% of UVB rays. Consider which carrier you plan to use, as our wraps have multiple layers of fabric wrapped across baby, while our sling only has one. You can tuck the tail of the sling across baby’s back & under his bum to increase the UPF factor of your sling as well. 

Q: Are Beachfront Baby® Carriers safe for out-of-water use as well?

A: Absolutely! Polyester jersey mesh fabric is a very strong & durable fabric which makes an excellent baby carrier! The type of fabric used stretches in one direction- the width of the carrier- so it conforms to your shoulders and baby’s body, but it doesn’t stretch lengthwise, so there is no sagging after wearing for any length of time. The carriers are designed similarly to any other wrap or ring sling style carriers on the market…with one major difference- the lightweight fabric does not hold water so it makes an awesome water carrier. This does not mean that they should ONLY be worn in the water. We have many customers who love to wear their Beachfront Baby Wrap or Sling as an everyday carrier, especially during hot weather! Beachfront Baby recommends using the original carriers with babies & toddlers up to 30lbs. With any lightweight fabric (be it cotton gauze, single layer linen or polyester jersey) you will find it less comfortable the heavier your baby is.

**The mesh wraps & ring slings have been safety tested by an ASTM accredited lab to meet the stringent sling safety standard, F2907. They were tested in a laboratory out of water and passed the mechanical testing.

The new Everyday carriers are perfect as an out of water carrier as they are light weight & hold babies up to 35lbs. 

Q: How do I shower with my baby in the Beachfront Baby® Carrier?

A: Start by undressing yourself & baby & putting the carrier on. Put baby in the carrier in the heart-to-heart position & carefully step into the

shower. Keep an eye on baby’s face to ensure the spray isn’t hitting his face & that he is enjoying the water. To wash your hair, turn your back to the water & tilt your head back to allow the water to run down your back. Turn so that the spray is on your baby’s back while you shampoo your hair with your head tilted back. (Most mothers have found that switching to a non-toxic, gentle shampoo that they would use on their baby is a perfect way to get both themselves & baby clean.) Turn again so that your back is to the spray and tilt your head back to let the shampoo rinse down your back. To wash your body & baby’s body, you can soap up right through the fabric. Again, choosing a soap that is gentle enough for baby makes it easy to get both of you clean without worrying about unintentionally using a harsh product on baby. As you turn to rinse all parts, keep an eye on baby’s face to make sure the spray isn’t hitting his face in any position. Shaving is best left until you are alone in the shower, as babies have quick hands and can grab things even at a young age! At this point, if someone is home for you to hand baby off to, you can take baby out of the carrier to hand to your helper waiting with a towel. If no one is there to help, you can turn off the water & wrap a big towel or robe around both of you in the carrier. Be extra cautious stepping out of the shower to avoid slipping while wearing your baby. Once you are out of the shower, you can have a towel ready to lay baby on & take baby out of the carrier. Then you can take off your carrier & hang it to dry.


Q: What size person does the Beachfront Baby® Carrier fit?

A: The one-size carrier fits most adults who wear a size S, M or L shirt.
XL wraps fit those who normally wear an XL or 2XL shirt.
Petite wraps best fit adults who wear a size XS or S shirt.

Q: What size/age babies can be worn in the Beachfront Baby® Carrier?

A: Babies can be worn in the original mesh can be worn from approximately 8lbs up to 30lbs. The fabric will support babies & toddlers heavier than this, but it will not be as comfortable for the wearer. Newborns & small babies must be watched closely while in the carrier to ensure their airways are not blocked at any time.

Everyday carriers hold babies from 8 to 35lbs in and out of the water.

Q. Are the carriers Coast Guard approved?

A. Beachfront Baby Carriers are not a flotation device. Coast Guard approval is required for flotation devices meant to save lives from drowning. There are no Coast Guard approved baby carriers. We never recommend wearing your baby in a baby carrier on a boat. If you were to fall in the water with your baby attached to you, you would not be able to keep their head above water while you tread water. Please use a Coast Guard approved flotation device for your baby in a boat.   

Beachfront Baby® Carriers are not an appropriate restraint for riding in any vehicle, including a boat. Please use proper equipment including a car seat in a car & a personal floatation device made for babies & small children in a boat.

Don’t do anything with your baby in the carrier that you wouldn’t do with him/her in your arms. This includes, but is not limited to: diving off the diving board, scuba diving, riding a jet ski, going down a water slide, water skiing, flipping into the water or any other dangerous water activities you can think of.


Care Information

Machine wash warm, tumble dry or hang to dry.

Beachfront Baby Sling Colours

Light Blue Recycled, Lilypad, Midnight Sky, Passionberry, Tropical Punch, White Wave, Wonderland

Beachfront Baby Sling Sizes

Extra Long (XL), One Size (Small to Large), Petite


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