DidyFix Graphite by DIDYMOS

DidyFix Graphite by DIDYMOS

$198.00 CAD

The DidyFix baby carrier is a full buckle carrier that is fully adjustable and easy to put on, providing natural wearing comfort. Simply close the buckle with a click, and you are ready to go!

Fabric Composition:

100% Organic Cotton

Fabric Weight:

250 g/m²


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The DidyFix baby carrier is a full buckle carrier that is fully adjustable and easy to put on, providing natural wearing comfort. Simply close the buckle with a click, and you are ready to go!

The seat and panel are both adjustable to fit your baby which means that the DidyFix carrier perfectly supports babies at any age and stage. Your child’s back will be optimally supported and legs will be held in an anatomically healthy position (ergonomic spread-squat position). The DidyFix can be your ONE-AND-ONLY baby carrier from birth through to walking age.

The DidyFix allows for front, hip and back carries and can be used during all (or most!) everyday activities for a successful,comfortable babywearing experience.


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  DidyFix by DIDYMOS  

Click, Tighten, Go! Presenting the DidyFix Baby Carrier by DIDYMOS!

Easy to set up, the DidyFix baby carrier provides optimum wearing comfort. Whether carried on your front, hip or  back, your child is safe and securely held against you. In a front carry, the straps can be worn either parallel or crosswise.   DidyFix by Didymos Features
DidyFix by DIDYMOS For Newborn to Preschool, and beyond (from 3,5 Kg / 7.5 lbs to 20 Kg / 40 lbs.
DidyFix by DIDYMOS Ergonomically-shaped, fully-adjustable waist band.
DidyFix by DIDYMOS FRONT | HIP | BACK carries.
DidyFix by DIDYMOS Adjustable seat for baby which supports the physiological "spread-squat" position that all well-designed baby carriers should provide.
DidyFix by DIDYMOS Fully adjustable back panel to fit baby's size, with additional seam to prevent pressure on child's back to provide secure support.
DidyFix by DIDYMOS Two-way buckles on shoulder straps to allow for moveable padding.
DidyFix by DIDYMOS Shoulder straps can be worn parallel or crossed at the back.
DidyFix by DIDYMOS Padded shoulder straps that are fully adjustable for optimum wearing comfort.
DidyFix by DIDYMOS All outer fabrics (back panel and padding) made with DIDYMOS wrap fabrics, all of high-quality certified organic cotton.
DidyFix by DIDYMOS Folds down to fit in (almost) any bag!
DidyFix by DIDYMOS Lightweight weighing approx. 660 gr / 1.5 lbs.
DidyFix by DIDYMOS Tested to EU and North American ASTM standards.

DidyFix Full Buckel Carriers by DIDYMOS are...

DidyFix by DIDYMOS The shoulder straps of the DidyFix carrier offer maximum adjustability and comfort. The two-way buckles on the shoulder straps allows you to adjust the length of the straps to fit any body size.
DidyFix by DIDYMOS The straps are sewn to the back panel with an extra seam to make sure pressure is distributed towards the child‘s bottom. In this way, the carrier perfectly adjusts to your child‘s development.
DidyFix by DIDYMOS The belt securing the shoulder straps is used as a back belt for front carries resp. as a chest belt for back carries. Freely movable, the shoulder pads make sure the pressure of the shoulder strap is distributed evenly adding extra comfort.
DidyFix by DIDYMOS An elastic strap ensures the ideal positioning and secure fastening of the buckle. The strap webbing can be rolled up and secured in place with additional elastic straps. The width of the seat can be adjusted continuously using Velcro. This means the baby carrier can grow seamlessly with your child from newborn sizing to toddlerhood.
DidyFix by DIDYMOS The back panel can be extended with the headrest and is adjustable via drawstrings to fit your child‘s size.
DidyFix by DIDYMOS The headrest helps support the head of a sleeping baby. Gathered, it will support the child’s neck and head. The headrest is long enough to support the head of a  bigger child.


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