DIDYMOS Millefiori Monochrome Tussah Doll Sling

DIDYMOS Millefiori Monochrome Tussah Doll Sling

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Instead of carrying their dolls in the arms, your child will enjoy carrying them in a Didymos Doll Sling made of the same organic fabric as the Didymos Baby Wrap!

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So beautiful!!

Millefiori – a blanket of flowers woven into a lightweight and airy fabric blending 70% organic cotton and 30% Tussah silk. Anthracite cotton interwoven with Tussah silk in raw white and a dash of dusky pink – a colour and material mix that adds a subtle classiness and beautiful sheen to the floral design.

The fabric is soft and smooth with just the right amount of stretch to allow comfortable babywearing. It has a lovely flow and drape and molds to the wearer and baby with optimal comfort while supporting the baby all over evenly.

Silk is one of the strongest natural fibres, and is thus very supportive and tear-proof. Moisture and temperature regulating, silk blends are ideal to wear year around.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Tussah silk the wrap will shrink in width with the first wash. Ironing after washing will “bring back” some width.



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