Prima Alpen Fire Prima Woven Wrap

Prima Alpen Fire Prima Woven Wrap

$298.00 CAD

The new DIDYMOS Alpen Fire Prima glows like the Sunsets in the Alps where the mountains are bathed in hues of glowing reds and blues.  

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Sunsets in the Alps is breathtaking, with the mountains bathed in hues of glowing reds and blues. The colours of this gorgeous natural spectacle are captured in the new DIDYMOS Prima Alpen Fire where Lampone Red yarns are blended with Ecru, Turquoise, Ocean and Medium Blue.

The landscape of this beautiful creation is an intense palette of colours but be assured that the dyes are  non toxic and absolutely free from any harmful substances. In fact, the cotton yarns meet the highest organic standards.

Prima Alpen Fire is as soft as all Prima wraps, with a bit of cushiness due to the nature of the weave. It has a slightly grippy texture that will securely hold knots whether you wear a newborn or a bigger baby. It is specially woven for carrying babies of all ages and stages, for wearers of all shapes and sizes. The Prima Alpen Fire is ideal for when at home or out and about.

Didymos Sizes

Size 2 (270 cm), Size 3 (320 cm), Size 4 (370 cm), Size 5 (420 cm), Size 6 (470 cm), Size 7 (520 cm), Size 8 (570 cm)


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