DIDYMOS Zephyr Doll Sling

DIDYMOS Zephyr Doll Sling

$59.00 CAD

Instead of carrying their dolls in the arms, your child will enjoy carrying them in a Didymos Doll Sling made of the same organic fabric as the Didymos Baby Wrap!

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As the days are getting longer, it is the perfect timing for the release of the new Didymos herald of spring, ‘Zephyr’, named after the Greek god of the mild west winds. 

Older brothers and sisters of little babies love to carry their dolls and cuddly toys. Instead of carrying their dolls in the arms they will adore carrying them in a Didymos Doll Sling made of the same fabric as the Didymos Baby Wrap.The doll slings measure about 3 metres long and are the perfect length for a dolly wrap-cross-carry! They are half as wide as a full-size wrap. A great gift for little babywearers and can also double up as a scarf for mama. We can share, right?

Zephyr is woven with 100% organic cotton and has a surface weight of around 260 g/m². 

We are excited that a North American vendor, Maggie Stickney, was the inspiration behind this beautiful new design! Children love pinwheels and the classic pinwheel design has been a favourite with quilters for decades. The fabric features a geometric design in white, yellow, red and turquoise. Didymos named the new design Zephyr after the ancient Greek god of the mild west winds. Maybe he will blow in spring soon?!

A babywearing consultant, who saw the design on one of Didymos’ Instagram stories, sent the following song lyrics in to DIDYMOS

In the water where I center my emotion
All the world can pass me by
Fly away on my Zephyr
We’re gonna live forever
(Zephyr Song, Red Hot Chili Peppers)


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