Golden Slumber – Routine Face Oil

Golden Slumber – Routine Face Oil

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Discover the magic with Routine’s new facial oils! 

Golden Slumber’s got your number!

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Discover the magic with Routine’s new facial oils! 

Facial oils are all the rage right now and for good reason!  We are so excited to offer this new line from Routine.  Routine is a brand that we believe in from their ethical production standards, organic quality ingredients and amazing results!

Golden Slumber’s got your number. All the kids are saying evening primrose is a mecca of ailing skin woes. My best friend’s mom swears that black cumin will strengthen the skin on any human! Neroli is known in the ancient wisdom to bring balance to your skin and within. Pin a rose on your nose, to reduce redness woes. And vetiver, well, not much rhymes with vetiver… the closest thing is Jennifer, but she’ll tell you, it’s the skin magician that you never knew! Mama says get that golden slumber beauty sleep!

How to renew from the formulators at Routine!

(This is our “routine” but you can create your own if you like, because you’re golden like that!): Close up your P.M. routine with a cleansed face then warm 3 to 4 (or if you’re feeling it, more) drops of serum into your palms. Have a lovely sniff of that relaxing lavender, neroli, and rose before gently pressing all that goodness onto your face and décolleté (which is a more French way to say neck). Wear alone or under night cream. Sleep tight, wake up and Woke Glow! 

30ml, glass bottle with dropper.  

Ingredients: safflower seed oil*, apricot kernel oil*, fractionated coconut oil, jojoba seed oil*, avocado oil*, evening primrose oil*, rose hip fruit oil*, argan kernel oil*, grapeseed seed oil*, black cumin seed oil*, neroli oil*, tocopherol (non-gmo, soy-free), lavender oil*, rosemary leaf extract*, rose oil*, vetiver root oil*. *Organic ingredient. 


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