Kangaroo Care Organic Mama Necklace

Kangaroo Care Organic Mama Necklace

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The perfect accessory to keep little hands distracted while feeding and babywearing. This option is made from all-organic materials with a beautiful neutral look! The wood is smooth while the beads offer some texture.

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Sure to be valued by all mamas out there! It is completely safe for your baby to touch and chew on, and makes a beautiful accessory for mom!

Such a great little accessory that can help while feeding your little one. These colourful and multi-textured nursing necklaces can help keep your baby focused on the task of eating at hand.

KangarooCare’s breastfeeding / feeding & babywearing necklaces:

♥ are 100% natural, vegan, human- and eco-friendly
♥ help catch baby’s attention while breastfeeding / bottle-feeding
♥ perfect accessory for babywearing mamas
♥ stimulate baby’s senses
♥ completely safe to chew on
♥ different textures help develop baby’s fine motor skills
♥ make a perfect baby shower gift
♥ colourful and fun to wear!

This necklace is made with crochet-covered wooden beads and all-natural juniper wooden beads, both handmade in Estonia especially for KangarooCare. All are adjustable in length to suit all preferences.

~~~ What is organic cotton? ~~~

The yarns used in this necklace are made from organically grown cotton, cotton that is grown without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. This yarn is dyed using low impact, eco-friendly dyes. Though these dyes are not natural they are far superior to conventional dyes that are pollute the earth & waterways with the residual runoff left after the dye process is completed.

Organic cotton is much softer then than conventional cotton yarn, and is completely safe and natural for your baby.Organically grown cotton fibers have the same characteristics as conventionally grown cotton. The yarn is just as strong and durable as conventional cotton.


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