Lyra Ferby Triangular Pencils

Lyra Ferby Triangular Pencils

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These easy-to-grip triangular pencils are specially made for young children that are learning to write and draw. These coloured pencils have highly pigmented, super-thick 6.25 mm diameter  lead core which makes them break-resistant and long-lasting. They will last longer than the usual pencils and require less frequent sharpening.  The shorter Ferby (12 cm long) is especially suited for smaller children who may find a ‘regular length’ long pencil too long for them to start with. The triangular shape of the Ferby pencils encourages proper grip, and the colours inspire the artist within.

The Ferby pencils have  a closed end so the core is not exposed and only natural, unlacquered wood is used, taking into consideration young children who may put pencil in mouth. Nevertheless, they are AP certified non-toxic.

Length is 12cm.

This set of pencils include 12 beautiful colours: 01 white ¦ 07 lemon ¦ 13 light orange ¦ 18 scarlet lake ¦ 29 pink madder lake ¦ 32 light flesh ¦ 38 violet ¦ 47 light blue ¦ 51 prussian blue ¦ 67 sap green ¦ 76 vandyke brown ¦ 99 black

1 review for Lyra Ferby Triangular Pencils

    K**** M********
    Our favorite coloured pencils
    The perfect size for little hands, and the triangular shape keeps them from constantly rolling away (and inevitably onto the floor). Plus they colour beautifully. Smooth and vibrant. Love them!

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