Mamalila Vienna Wool Hooded Babywearing Coat

Mamalila Vienna Wool Hooded Babywearing Coat

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$498.00 CAD

This elegant favourite from the Mamalila collection is the perfect combination of design and function. Distinguished by its’ classic cut and 100% boiled wool outer material and complimented by a windproof lining, making the coat a trusty companion in all kinds of weather, whether pregnant, babywearing or afterwards as a timeless winter coat.

A timeless snug hooded coat in boiled wool – the ideal companion for you and your baby on cold days. Thanks to the Mamalila concept, you can transform the snazzy hooded coat in the wink of an eye into a babywearing coat or a maternity coat. The coat is compatible with most available slings and carrying systems. The accompanying babywearing insert is simply zipped into the front or the back of the coat to make room for your carried child. When you are going out during the winter simply put the expanded coat on over you and your baby and you are ready to go! The baby does not need any extra outdoor clothing. You can adjust the baby insert to comfortably fit the size of your child (up to 1,5 to 2 years of age).

The coat can be worn during pregnancy too – the maternity insert allows enough room for your growing bump right up until the birth.

Worn on its own, without your passenger, you have an elegant coat to wear – no one will realize the hidden capabilities!

The Mamalila Hooded Wool Coat provides the best of both worlds: it is made from 100% wool which warms from outside and the inner lining has a breathable membrane which ensures absolute protection from the wind, keeps the rain out and makes sure that the wool can perform its natural ability of balancing the temperature. The coat can therefore be comfortably worn not only in minus temperatures, but also in warmer weather. That is why the hooded coat for two is one of our favourite models.

This is a fantastic coat, with and without your baby!

Functions and Features

The hooded coat is the best example of how women during and after pregnancy do not need to compromise on design or style, and all of that combined with natural materials. Thanks to the dirt repelling outer shell, the coat retains a well-groomed look even when worn excessively and must seldom be cleaned. At the same time the breathable wool regulates temperatures for optimal comfort, whether it’s a cold winter’s day or a changeable autumn one.

Ideal Combination of High-Tech and Eco

  • breathable, water resistant and windproof membrane
  • natural boiled wool: warms, regulates temperature and is dirt repellent
  • winter proof and yet surprisingly light
  • made in Europe

Award Winning Design

The hooded coat for two was the winner of the German Design Award 2016 in the “Excellent Product Design – Baby and Child Care” category. The jury stated that it was particularly impressed by the fact that the coat can be worn without a child, as this is something that is not always immediately evident. For us it is important that the coat should always look good,retaining its perfect fit in every possible variation. That’s why the maternity insert is adjustable so that it can adapt daily to moms changing form.

Woolly, Warm and Weatherproof

Boiled wool is a wonderful material, which naturally regulates temperature and ensures optimal warmth, not too hot, not too cold. However, because wool is not windproof, the coat has a breathable lining which prevents the wind while at the same time allowing steam to go out. Thus the temperature compensating of the wool is maintained and is supplemented by 100% wind protection.

Retractable Hood

To make back wearing simple and easy!


Mamalila’s Tip: Coat is form fitted.

Choose mama-size only. Children (up to 1.5-2 years) and pregnant bellies will fit with babywearing and maternity inserts!


The Mamalila Hooded Coat for Two offers the best of both worlds: made from pure wool with a windproof lining which keeps the cold out and the heat in. As lining, we use a wind-stopper with a breathable  membrane. This ensure 100% protection against wind and does not let in any rain. Thanks to the breathable membrane, the wool is still able to balance the temperature as this is its natural ability.

Outer Material: 100% wool (boiled wool)

Inner Material: 2-layer-Laminate, 1st Layer 100% Polyester, Membrane 100% Polyester/Polyurethane

Care Instructions

The mamalila hooded coat is made from 100% boiled wool, a material that is naturally thermoregulating, dirt and odour repellent. Your babywearing coat therefore does not need much care.
Should it be absolutely necessary to wash the coat, we recommend either dry cleaning or washing it in a bathtub with a small amount of wool detergent and plenty of water. Do not wring or knead, lay the coat on a towel to dry.

2 reviews for Mamalila Vienna Wool Hooded Babywearing Coat

    S**** G****
    I love this coat! It's wonderfully warm, even in frigid Ottawa winters. Although not quite as good if there is a strong cold wind. This coat definitely made the last months of pregnancy easier, plus ...More
    I love this coat! It's wonderfully warm, even in frigid Ottawa winters. Although not quite as good if there is a strong cold wind. This coat definitely made the last months of pregnancy easier, plus kept my winter baby toasty for two winters, a spring, and a fall. So worth it! Plus the service at Birdies Room is fabulous. Love the coat, love the store!
    J***** S*******
    This coat is worth every penny. Save your sanity by avoiding using a snow suit and stroller in the winter. Leaving the house is easy when you and baby get dressed together. I dress baby in alpaca leg...More
    This coat is worth every penny. Save your sanity by avoiding using a snow suit and stroller in the winter. Leaving the house is easy when you and baby get dressed together. I dress baby in alpaca leg warmers, booties, and a hat; the coat provides the rest of baby's outerwear. This is a very thin coat but it has been warm enough for me in weather 0C to -10C and occasional very cold weather (-23C). It might not be appropriate for a very cold place. Only design quirk I’ve noticed is that baby ends up with numerous buttons and zips at prime mouthing position. So far this has been a non-issue. I get compliments on this coat weekly and would absolutely buy it again.

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