Sheepskin Rug for Baby

Sheepskin Rug for Baby

$119.00 CAD

These all natural sheepskin rugs are great for use in crib, stroller or on the floor for play time! 

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The quality sheepskin rugs are medically-tanned which simply means that they can be machine washed. A special heavy metal-free tanning method is used which is constantly monitored to meet high ecological standards. The skins are shorn to 30 mm and have a lovely golden-yellow colour. The skins are not dyed and their final colour arises from the tanning process. They are easy to care for and have a natural cleaning power when exposed to sun and fresh air. 

Sheepskin is a naturally self-cleaning agent that does not require a lot of care. Often spraying it with water and brushing it out will clean it sufficiently. Otherwise, spot washing/hand washing is required using a lanolin-rich soap.

Benefits of sheepskin:

– Does not emit electrical charges that may arise from from friction between body and environment. Synthetic fibres, on the other hand, are half-transmitters and create electrical charges.

– Absorbs sweat immediately and allows moisture to evaporate into the environment, thereby helping to regulate body temperature. Ideal for summer AND winter. 

– Activates the blood circulation and the immune system,and supports the relaxation and regeneration of the body. Helps stimulate the body in a vitalizing, relaxing way.

– Is gentle on the skin because it consists of a similar basic substance as human skin, and helps heal sensitive/inflamed skin or rashes. The skin can still breath when against the fleece.

– Has a “self warmth” and never feels cold.  

– Is always dirt and bacteria resistant.

– The natural lanolin found in the sheepskin possesses self-cleaning powers when hung outside.

– Natural sheepskin is best cleaned with sheepskin wash extract with Lanolin. This way, the wool stays biologically active. The water temperature should never exceed 30 C. The sheepskin can also be brought to the dry cleaners but please note that this involves a chemical process. 


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