Trias Black Forest Cashmere Loop Scarf

Trias Black Forest Cashmere Loop Scarf

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Available Size:
Size 1 – Length abt. 150 cm (circumference) and width abt. 34 cm

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Trias Black Forest Cashmere –  words that make you want to go out and enjoy nature! The new Didymos woven wrap is a blend of warm Cashmere wool and organic cotton whic is perfect for keeping your baby cosy during the cooler season.

Green organic cotton was used here, a warp thread that was also used for many other beautiful Didymos releases this season. For Trias Black Forest Cashmere, DIDYMOS added cashmere in contrasting camel to create a fluffy and warm double weave fabric which is soft, pleasing to the eye and touch, engaging many senses at once. The leaf pattern is the same on both sides of the fabric but with the colours reversed creating a lovely final effect when all tied.

All of the yarns usded by DIDYMOS meet the highest organic standards and all dyes are free from any harmful substances.

Although a heavier weight fabric, the Didymos double-weave fabrics seem to be much more lightweight. They are cushy and mouldable and it comfortably on the shoulder. The Didymos Black Forest Cashmere is supportive with a slightly grippy texture and it will securely hold knots and passes securely in place while still allowing the wrap to be easily adjusted.


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Release Date:

November 8. 2021

Year of Release:


Month of Release: 


Fabric Composition:

80% Organic Cotton, 20% Cashmere

Fabric Blend:

Cashmere Blend

Fabric Weight:

330 g/m²

Fabric Weight Class:

300+ g/m² (Very Heavy)


Fir Green, Camel

Colour Palette:

Greens Galore

Secondary Colours:


Style of Carrier:

Didymos Woven Baby Wrap

Different Rails?



Jacquard Patterns

Didymos Pattern:


Warp Colour(s):

Fir Green

Weft Colour(s):

Camel Cashmere

Care Instructions:

Cashmere Blends require very special care. Wash with laundry soap suited for woolens; no optical brighteners. Hand wash only, in warm water. Rinse well to remove all detergent. NB. If your cashmere wrap becomes damaged, it must not be used any more.

Machine Washable?


Fun Fact:

A double weave - the fabric is a heavier weight but feels lighter thanks to the pocket, airy weave.

Original Price Size 6:

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