Wooden Learning Tangram (Blue/Green) by Grimm’s

Wooden Learning Tangram (Blue/Green) by Grimm’s

$45.00 CAD

Explore a traditional and ancient game with your children! Grimm’s coloured tangram includes a template booklet making it easy to enter into the world of this ancient Chinese form puzzle.

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Grimms coloured tangram includes a template booklet for tangram to make it easy to enter into the world of this ancient Chinese form puzzle.  The colours should make it easier to read the templates, without losing the meaning of the silhouette. After this it will be much easier to read the classical black shadow templates for Tangrams.

INCLUDES 7 pieces in a wooden frame + booklet. 

Safety rated for ages 3+. 

Materials: Tangram made using European-sourced lime wood, non-toxic water based colour stain/non-toxic plant based oil finish.

Dimensions: Frame measures 15cm long. Pieces measure 2cm thick.

Care Instructions: Clean Grimms wood products using a damp cloth. Do NOT submerge in water. Do NOT use hot water or disinfectant.

Quality: Grimms stands for quality and long life. Grimms carefully selects wood without defects. At each step, the quality of the wood is checked. But wood lives and responds to air changes. Wood is a natural product and not indestructible. If something breaks, repair the damage with wood glue.


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