Roshambo Sunglasses for Babies and Toddlers


The Roshambo sunglasses are quality-made in Italy and block 100% of uva/b/c rays! The soft flexible and durable material is BPA-free and specially designed for baby's use and abuse.

Roshambo Shade Sizes
  • Black
  • Pink (with Purple Mirror)
  • Teal
  • Blue
  • White
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green


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The Roshambo sunglasses block 100% of uva/b/c rays! These are quality made in Italy. The flexible but durable and soft material is BPA-free and specially designed for baby's use and abuse. Even the logo is moulded into the frame to avoid unnecessary paint. The frames are specially designed durable, bendable, flexible, even chewable material we use. If you or your kids manage to break these durable kids' glasses in the normal course of use, Roshambo will replace them for up to a year from purchase.

Non-scientifically proven to be the raddest baby sunglasses in the universe. Check it out: 

  • 100% UVA/B&C shatter resistant protection in all lenses. mirrored and polarized lens upgrades available.
  • made in Italy like your designer shades.
  • material is specially designed with babies in mind: durable, flexible, chewable, light, and comfortable. soft and safe for little faces, hands and mouths.
  • nearly indestructible: we offer a full damage and lens replacement guarantee. we dare you to break them.
  • certified BPA, lead, and latex free. small parts tested as safe for babies.
  • we mold our logos into our design to eliminate unnecessary paint.
  • all packaging made in the USA of food grade material.
  • fits from 0-24 months+ depending on baby's head size. The flexible material gives lots of room to grow!


Safety and quality of our Italian-made sunglasses is our #1 concern here at Ro•sham•bo baby. These shades and carrying case were designed with baby in mind, especially baby’s desire to put them in their mouth! All materials have been laboratory certified as bpa free, lead-free, latex-free, heavy metal-free, among many other nasty things! They are also in compliance with the USA federal hazardous substances act 16 cfr 1501 for small parts (fancy way of saying there are no bad chemicals and no small parts that might fall off and be a choking hazard for your little one!). All of the lenses are tested by the manufacturer and an independent lab to make sure they are compliant with all US, EU and other international UV standards to block 100% UVA/B and C rays. Paint is limited on the products that might chip off in baby’s mouth by moulding in logos to the sides. View the lab result here.

Each batch of the polarized TAC lenses are also tested for effectiveness and were specifically chosen due to their lightweight design with high performance to suit all activities. Here are some technical details...






The classic wayfarer style fits ages 0-2 years depending on baby's head size.

Toddler size fits little kids between 2-4 years of age depending on kiddo's head size.

Junior size fits ages 4-12 years and up depending on kiddo's head size.


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