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EBW 2018 Carrying Connects Woven Wrap

EBW 2018 Carrying Connects Woven Wrap


Carrying Connects– this is the theme of European Babywearing Week 2018. Creating strong bonds between parents and their children, babywearing is a beautiful experience that connects us with other people, groups and communities across all borders.

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Carrying and Connection

Carrying and Connection is illustrated in the captivating design of the European Babywearing Week 2018 wrap. It was designed and developed by Simoni Gruber, a designer and passionate babywearing mother, in close cooperation with the EBW committee.

From a distance, one sees a beautiful design, and up close, the details of the intricate pattern emerge – circles of figures of different caregivers and different babies, carriers and carries, all holding hands and showing that they are all connected, intertwined in a floral pattern.

EBW 2018 is woven from 100% pure organic cotton, in a harmonious combination of night blue and pastel yellow. Dyes are absolutely free from any harmful substances. The fabric is of medium weight, and provides perfect support in width and length. It has good diagonal stretch that allows the fabric to comfortably cradle babies of all ages and stages.

The reviews are in and testers agree that this wrap is soft and that knots are flat. It has a slight grippiness and is perfectly mouldable. The fabric ensures a snug, smooth fit and it can be tied in such a way as to provide excellent support for babies and toddlers alike.

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DidySling Size 1 (180 cm), Size 2 (270 cm), Size 3 (320 cm), Size 4 (370 cm), Size 5 (420 cm), Size 6 (470 cm), Size 7 (520 cm), Size 8 (570 cm)

Care Instructions

Untreated cotton will shrink slightly during the first wash. DIDYMOS wraps are cut a few centimetres longer than advertised to guarantee the right length after washing. Wash at temperatures of up to 60°C/140°F (medium to hot), on a low spin cycle.


Dark Blue, Gold

Country of Origin



All About the Blues

Fabric Blend

Hemp Blend

Fabric Composition

100% Organic Cotton

Fabric Weight

210 g/m²

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Month of Release


Release Date

April 20, 2018

Sizes Available

Limited Edition All Sizes Available While Quantities Last (Sizes 1-8)

Style of Carrier

Woven Wrap

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