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DIDYMOS Kaleidoscope Doll Sling

DIDYMOS Kaleidoscope Doll Sling

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Instead of carrying their dolls in the arms, your child will enjoy carrying them in a Didymos Doll Sling made of the same organic fabric as the Didymos Baby Wrap!

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    Kaleidoscope – a fascinating interplay of colours, light and changing patterns. Glimpses of this beautiful and complex patterns are captured in this wrap using anthracite, gold coloured and cornflower blue cotton yarns. Jacquard woven, the patterns are the same on both sides of the wrap but with the colours reversed.

    In addition to the fascinating design, the wrap has all the qualities that make it a perfect baby wrap for everyday use and can accompany you and your little ones through your babywearing days, right from the newborn stage.

    Of medium weight, the wrap is soft, yet densely woven and provides perfect support in width and length. It has good diagonal stretch that allows the fabric to comfortably adapt to all ages and and babywearing styles. Made from organic cotton and dyed with non toxic dyes, it is completely free from any harmful substances. Safe enough for baby to chew on.

    DIDYMOS Woven Wraps are…

    Didymos Dyeing and Weaving

     Purposefully woven on special looms for the sole purpose of babywearing.

     Are made from organic cotton (and other plant materials such as linen and hemp) and/or ethically-sourced animal fibres.

     Woven with a diagonal stretch that creates an elasticity in the fabric allowing for the fabric to easily mould to the wearer and baby providing optimal comfort and support.

     Thought to be the most versatile babywearing option in terms of baby carriers since one size will fit all stages of baby development, and many tying variations are available.

     DIDYMOS woven wraps offer a custom fit for every person regardless of their shape and size. They can be used right from the newborn baby stage all the way up to preschool age. In fact, they are tested to 310 Kg so your baby cannot outgrow your wrap!

     There are a vast number of carries one can tie with a woven wrap, including front carries, hip carries AND back carries, with one-shoulder and two-shoulder options – something for everyone! Most two-shoulder carries allow the weight of the child to be distributed evenly from shoulders to hips and one is able to wear even heavy children for long periods of time COMFORTABLY!

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    Care Instructions

    Untreated cotton will shrink slightly during the first wash. DIDYMOS wraps are cut a few centimetres longer than advertised to guarantee the right length after washing. Wash at temperatures of up to 60°C/140°F (medium to hot), on a low spin cycle.


    Anthracite, Cornflower Blue, Gold

    Country of Origin


    DIDYMOS Colours

    All About the Blues

    Different Rails

    Yes (a great learning/teaching tool)

    Fabric Blend

    100% Organic Cotton

    Fabric Weight

    240 g/m²

    Machine Washable?


    Month of Release



    It is a fabric that lies smooth in hand and glides easy, making it very suitable for beginner wrappers. In addition, the sturdiness of the cloth makes this collection an excellent choice for wearing heavier children.

    Release Date

    October 5, 2018

    Style of Carrier

    Woven Wrap


    DIDYMOS Patterns

    Year of Release



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